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5 Tips For Businesses Looking To Survive The Holiday Madness.

Just switch on the old 50” flatscreen HDTV, or drop by the local mall, and you’ll see that the holiday season is just around the corner. Actually no -- it’s here in full force, like a howling blizzard. And for most businesses this means two things: Stress levels go up, Up, UP and productivity goes DOWN, Down, down. Not a good combination for you or your business.

As year-end deadlines loom, you and your team are unfortunately facing an increasing number of distractions. This includes everything from holiday parties and Cyber Monday shopping deals ($400 for a 55” flatscreen HDTV!) to inclement weather and runny noses. Gesundheit!

But if you plan correctly, the holidays don’t have to be nerve-wracking and fruitless. In fact it’s your opportunity to gain ground as your competition spins their wheels (sometimes literally) in the holiday slowdown. Here’s some food for thought on how to make it a joyful and prosperous holiday season.

1. Despite the c-c-c-cold air, don’t forget to breathe.

Yes it’s going to be hectic, bordering on frantic. You have so much left to accomplish and so little time – all the more reason to relax and stay positive. Take a quick 15 minute break now and again to clear your mind. Heck, even reward yourself with some fruitcake or a cup of eggnog.

2. Jot down your holiday Wish List, and stick to it.

Setting goals is paramount to a successful holiday season. Decide what really needs to be accomplished and focus on that handful of projects. Whether it’s sprucing up the website or bringing added cheer to your mobile app, keep your eye on the prize. Don’t spread yourself too thin and get left out in the cold.

3. Give yourself a holiday bonus: Do what you love doing.

Do you remember why you got into this line of work in the first place? Think back, and recall what it is you love about your career. Then do that job and little else from now through the end of the year. If you love writing code, write code. If marketing is your bag, market. Let others tackle the rest. Focus on the fun.

4. Bake something amazing for the holidays.

Now that you’re focusing, it’s time to move ahead with that awesome idea that’s been baking in your head for who knows how long. Delegate the day-to-day operations to others and concentrate on that game-changing idea that will take your business to the next level. Shine like the North Star and amaze the world!

5. Hire talented elves with really specialized skills.

Try as you might, you can’t do it all by yourself. Fortunately, a world of skilled helpers are ready to lend a hand. Post your job and hire freelancers ready to tackle your important end-of-year projects. You’ll be glad to know that people outside your snow globe are able to work at a moment’s notice (yes, even on major holidays). 

Remember, ‘tis the season to be jolly and prosperous. So have fun, enjoy the holidays and get some great projects crossed off your Wish List. Finish 2013 on an incredible note and set the stage for an amazing 2014.



Great tips. It is not necessary that holiday slow down the productivity. If we follow the above said tips, then this holiday will be great for business as there will be no stress thus enhancing the productivity.
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