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55,000 New U.S. Freelance Jobs Posted In October.

The online freelance movement continues to build momentum, as our October 2013 U.S. Employment Report shows that a whopping 55,000 new U.S. freelance jobs were created last month. That’s a 30% growth from the same period last year, and a clear sign that workplaces are increasingly turning to online talent for the skills they need.

The report also highlights that 24,000 new U.S. based freelancers entered the Elance marketplace in October, which means even more top candidates are realizing the career advantages of online work. And no wonder, as U.S. freelancers earned $7.3 million on Elance in October (up 63% from last October).

Our monthly report provides an important (and too-often overlooked) component of the true picture of the overall health of the U.S. job market. As a recent NPR article addresses, the U.S. Labor Department’s

Bureau of Labor Statistics report fails to take into account the multitude of freelancers now working from coast to coast. In the words of the NPR article, the most-recent government employment report has some “head scratching” results.

To give you a clearer picture of how employment is really stacking up in American, we’ll continue to provide our reports each and every month on the status of freelancers. We hope you find the information useful and enlightening, as you browse the data gleamed from Elance’s U.S. employment report. For more details – from breakdowns by state and more – see our Press Release. Also check out a summery below:


Thanks for it. I would like to see data for India.

Really moral boosting report, i would love to see reports for India, i know it's very tough to make report from every region of the world. t least international report would be nice.

Thanks again for such a positive report.

I am right there at the very top and i love Elance. It has been a fantastic experience.

All i can say is----Thank you.


I have no luck over here. In odesk I have none idea how to manage the high number of jobs - gained with the same references - here I cannot catch a job. Trust I leave it end of the year. At least the paid membership....

Yeah, I too just got my first job at oDesk, nothing on elance so far.

I've never been able to find worthwhile work on Odesk. I've made thousands here.

"stacking up in American", "a summery below". With over 10,000 freelancers offering writing and copywriting skills, I think you can do better than that, eLance.

Ha - good one MAsselien.

Yathink? I was scratching my head at that as well.

It's not "eLance" either.

Oops - another couple of errors, one quite glaring: "the most-recent government employment report" (no dash needed there) and "browse the data gleamed from Elance’s U.S. employment report" (gleamed?!!). Maybe Elance could offer some credits to Elance freelancers who'd be willing to edit/proof text for them. About this report, though, it's good to see things stacking up in such a positive direction. Let me add that the help I get whenever I call Elance with questions is always absolutely excellent - that kind of service is more important than a few unfortunate typos - however, I agree with MAsselin that with the vast pool of writing/editing/proofreading freelancers out there, such typos should not be necessary...

Its cool. I love this.

owwwwo owwwwwwwwwo :-)

amazing and awesome

Another great article and information. Elance is a great opportunity for success and this data supports that as well.

Amazing and awesome

Great news in the offing, however what about the freelancers in the diaspora.

I.m not lucky because i.ve never had any job yet, yet i.m very motivated. I need help.

Motivating report that keep hopes alive of all Elance freelancer.


So far,I have been getting a lot of questions to answer concerning my work from clients,but havent been hired yet.

Great news for those who want job...