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6 Tips For A Fun And Productive Summer

For much of the world, summer is officially here. Woo hoo!  Hire a freelancer and relax

Which means it’s time to grab your sunscreen and hit the road for a much-deserved summer break. Whether it’s that white sand beach, a cultural hub, your dear ol’ hometown or wherever you go to unwind, the great news is that you can now enjoy a wonderful getaway without the guilt trip.

How? Simply hire freelancers to work on your business while you relax.

You’ll get some great “me” time in, while keeping the ball rolling workwise. Ditto for filling in for your staff, as team members head off to points unknown for the summer. To fill the gaps just hire teams or individual freelancers to tackle projects while they’re out.

Here are our 6 top tips for a productive and relaxing summer:

1. Attract new customers via your blog or website.

Build momentum while you’re out by enticing new customers to come check out your business. Hire a content writer on Elance to create articles for your blog or website. You’ll be catching rays while new customers are introduced to your business through engaging content.

2. Get fresh eyeballs on your enticing new content.

Hire an SEO expert to assess whether that new web content is earning you love from Google and other search engines. A freelancer will make sure your posts rise to the top of search results when potential customers are surfing for information.

3. Keep the home fires burning.

As well as enticing new visitors to your website, summer is also a good time to make sure existing customers are having a positive experience. To this end, hire a customer service specialist to offer technical support and take incoming orders. Your freelancer can also schedule meetings so you can hit the ground running when you’re back from that getaway.

4. While you’re mobile, think mobile.

Your summer escape is also be a great time to hire a mobile app developer. An impressive mobile site will modernize your business and help you attract active and tech-savvy clients. For more help, view our tips on creating a mobile app with no prior experience.

5. Prepare for your well-rested return.

While an endless summer may sound inviting, the truth is that you’ll be back to work in no time. Hire a marketing research professional to assess your margins, analyze competitors and pricing, sharpen your differentiators, or suggest fruitful avenues for expansion.

6. Bring in admin support to keep you focused.

Once you’re rested and recharged, you may find yourself ready to pack more into your day. Hire a virtual assistant to help you manage operational tasks, or to keep your calendar organized. This allows you to focus on critical strategy and razor-sharp execution.

So pass the sunscreen. But don’t pass on the opportunity to keep your business growing all summer long (or all winter long, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). Go ahead and take that much-needed trip, and keep the work flowing by hiring freelancers to build on your strengths.

Rest assured you’re in good hands, as a world of talented freelancers are ready to lend a hand. Have a great summer and bon voyage!


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