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7 Tips For Travelling Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re on the road a lot, here is some great advice from Anders Hasselstron of Startuptravels. These tips provide a simple overview for your next trip as an entrepreneur.


1. Plan ahead.

Obviously, you already knew this. However, there is a big difference between knowing and doing. By planning your trip carefully, you will provide yourself with a much-needed overview.  And you will also make it easy to juggle more balls in the air, and be able to move meetings around easier and adapt to certain unforeseen scenarios. This also means you will have a backup of all the important files that you might need through out your travels.

Where to start? First, have a look at different city guides and make sure you understand what are the “do’s and must-see’s” in that specific city or area. Startuptravels provide city guides for entrepreneurs and what they should be doing.

Have a look: http://blog.startuptravels.com/category/city-guides/

2. Visit local universities.

Even though your time is precious, be sure to visit the local universities and their campuses. Not only is this a great way to meet young business professionals and entrepreneurs, it is also a place to relax and get inspiration. Make sure to check the different university websites for upcoming events, and attend a few of those if possible. Students are some of the most open-minded people you will come across and this may also be a good place to receive honest and genuine feedback from people who are not your friends nor family.

3. Sightseeing? Yeah, obviously!

Don’t be stubborn – make sure to do something else besides networking and meetings. Sightseeing is a great way to get your daily break from a very busy schedule. And remember that a majority of other people travelling in this area will be doing the same – so hey, it is actually another way of meeting new people and networking. If your schedule allows it, walk around these areas and places (don’t just jump on a tour bus).

4. Stay healthy – You need your energy!

Live healthy while on the road. Make sure to exercise properly and eat healthy. A large amount of your energy will be used when pitching your ideas to people you have recently met, and this takes a lot of energy. Ensure that you have a few energy bars in your bag – they may come in handy. Of course you also need to enjoy the local cuisine, but be sure to do so with a healthy attitude. Travelling as an entrepreneur can get difficult and exhausting, so make sure that you have the energy that is need to leave a great impression. Bring your A-game!

5. Socialize your ideas to as many as possible.

Share your ideas to people. Not only at specific meet-ups, or with other young entrepreneurs, but with many others as well. In general, it is a good way to figure out how good of an idea you actually have. Most ideas should be easy to understand, and this is good place for you to receive feedback that you might not receive from a young business professional or an adviser at an incubator. Then simplify your idea and ask for some feedback. At the end of the day, you must be able to understand and create value to whoever is listening. As mentioned earlier, local universities and people you meet during sightseeing may be equally as good as the entrepreneurs you come across at meetings or events. 

6. Meet local entrepreneurs and startups.

This is the reason for your travels, so make sure to understand what city and entrepreneurial culture you find yourself in. Networking, networking, networking! Meet other young entrepreneurs, listen to them, help them, and learn from them. Sign up at www.startuptravels.com and start planning right away who you want to meet, when to meet, and make it happen through the platform. Also make sure to yet again check out the city guides for information regarding specific startup companies, entrepreneurs and how to contact people.

7. Adapt to local customs, traditions, cultures and have fun!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– St. Augustine.

Travel and learn wherever you end up. Adapt yourself and understand what culture you find yourself in. Try the local food, make sure to have conversations with locals about their views on life and take whatever you can from those experiences and make sure to implement them to your own life. One of the great benefits of travelling is the ability to learn about new cultures and adapt to them, and most importantly have fun while doing so!


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Thanks for a great post (the comment above besides)!

I've been travelling a lot as an entrepreneur recently.

I can especially recommend Refuga (https://refuga.com/ - previously WorkAway). I'm going on my 5th trip this autumn.

Here, I'll be working on http://www.billigeflybilletter.dk/, a flight prices comparison, where I'll actually work on a page specific for WorkAway-trips. :-)

I've been travelling in almost every countries in Europe. I'm from Denmark, but I living in Spanien. I love travelling because I always is most creative when I got experiences in other countries.

I was started my first - http://saftpresseren.dk when I was travelling to Turkey, where I got inspiration from the restaurants and pubs

Im travel the world with my company http://leasingoffer.dk , its a online platform there allows me to take my business anywhere and i love it!

It often feels easier to work while travelling than it does at home. At home you have a lot of things you need to do, but many of these things might not be necessary to worry about while you are travelling.

Here in Denmark I work on the beauty site DreamModels.dk, but I don't feel I can dedicate enough hours to the site because we also have to spend time preparing food, cleaning, etc.

When we are in Thailand we don't need to worry about these things since it's relatively cheap to go out and eat there + a hotel room can be found for the same price as our apartment in Copenhagen.

Since we don't have to worry about these things, I can dedicate more time to our site and my work in general.

To travel is to live! I´ve got many of my best ideas when I have been out and travel. The first time I was away I got the idea to create this website: http://www.flytbilligst.dk and here last time I came back home from Spaninen I made thisese two web site http://www.billigstegulvafslibning.dk and http://www.maler-oversigt.dk I am excited about what I will come up with after my next trip ;-)

I love to travel while working. I always make sure that every process of my company is described, so it is easy for my employees to know what to do in different situations.
For example in FirstSEO I always make sure my copy writers have plenty stuff to do while I am taking maybe 1-2 weeks vacations. Then I just need to answer my mail, if there is any questions.

Ohh..... And i forgot this page http://www.tvtvtv.dk that was my last projekt here on Elance ;-)

The team behind Startuptravels also cofounded Founderdocs that allow you to create legal documents in a new and interesting way.

I really recommand everyone who have the chance to travel and work to do this. It is a lot different from 7 days vacation 2 times a year. You can start small with a little website and work with affiliate marketing, like I do on my website https://laankvik.dk/

Here is my new site: http://www.toemrer-priser.dk/ that i made when i was in Spain last time ;-)

And now i am about to finish these two site: http://www.gulvafslibningpriser.dk/ and http://www.fotograf-priser.dk/ I can not wait ;-)

Nice article!

I travel the world while working at my websites Høreapparater.dk and Sportsway.

Especially the section about universities is a really nice tip! In the start I just worked at cafés all day long, but now I visit local universities.