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New York Times article about Tim Ferriss

In case you missed it, check out “Too Much Information? Ignore It”, an article in the New York Times last weekend by Alex Williams. 

It’s a profile about Elance customer Tim Ferriss, and how the lessons in his book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” - which are all about cutting out useless information in your life and personal productivity - are being received in Silicon Valley.

Tim Ferris - New York Times - "Too Much Information? Ignore It"

Elance CEO, Fabio Rosati, is also quoted in the article. One reason he believes Tim’s ideas resonate with ambitious Silicon Valley is because Tim practices what he preaches, by running a successful company and finding a way to live the lifestyle he enjoys.

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What I find interesting is that he's selling a concept that was suppose to happen in the first place. The internet and technology was suppose to free up our time and make our lives easier; instead many software programs later down the road 20 years and we're inundated with more social networking than ever before. His book if nothing else will bring us back into balance. I'm not sure if I could get down to four hours but I sure will try delegating task to others in an effort to free up time.

It is not about 4 hour work week at all. All of us have 24 hours a day available to us. The key is to make conscious choices about how to spend them. It is about knowing what one wants to do with ones time and then spending it accordingly. It is perfectly fine to elect to work 80 hours a week or to sleep 80 hours a week as long as that is what one wants.

I enjoy my work and having a 4 hour work week is the last thing I am looking for.