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A Match Made in Heaven: One Client’s Joy with Elance Web Developers.

Hummingbird Hall is one of Jamaica’s most popular wedding services. It’s a true destination for love birds from around the globe.

But when owner Alisha Fuller first dreamed of building a website worthy of her boutique venue, she couldn’t find the best man (or woman) to create the website. In fact, located in rural Montego Bay, Jamaica she couldn’t find anyone nearby to affordably help realize her vision. And with competition moving fast, she couldn’t wait another day.

That’s when Alisha took the plunge and committed to Elance. She first found a graphic designer, then those elusive world class web developers, to bring her site to life. “Elance opened the world up to us,” she explained. “It means we’re not limited to things we can get done here.”

Two years later, Alisha continues to hire more and more Elancers, including translators, photography retouchers, website project managers and social media experts, among many. She’s even expanding the business to another Caribbean island and using teams from Elance almost exclusively for the work. Plus, Hummingbird Hall is now expanding its promotional efforts to Latin American and Japanese customers, thanks to Elance talent.

“It’s like having an extended team of people everywhere, and they’re specialists so you don’t have to utilize them all the time,” she says. “That’s why we value Elance contractors and treat them so well -- they’re like staff to us.”

Alisha loves the fast response time she gets from Elance contractors, especially from freelancers with high-demand skills. While her competition waits for things to get done by web developers and others, Elancers allow Hummingbird Hall to get its website up-and-running fast (and keep things running efficiently and cost-effectively).

“I estimate 60-70% savings versus using people in Jamaica alone,” she notes. According to Alisha it’s savings that actually helps the local Jamaican economy, as her success allows Hummingbird to hire over a dozen full-time employees – as well as create regular work for local vendors and wait staff. “Elance really has been a lifeline for us,” she stresses. We’re glad to be invited.