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Against The Odds, Elancer Builds Not One, But Two Businesses.

For most people, building one successful business would be plenty.Elancer Colette Barry

Not true for Colette Barry, who launched her business Yoga Trends a few years ago (working with many Elancers to get up-and-running and maintain her site). Plus she has now seen the opportunity for working as a freelancer/business and has opened her other company Creative Website Pro, helping businesses build their websites.

And what makes Colette’s story even more inspirational is that she is unable to hear. “Being deaf since birth, I realized the only way I could succeed in life was to avoid serving a boss,” she says. “Not being able to hear, I knew I could only answer to myself. LOL!”

“After many years of teaming up with such great Elancers, I eventually set up my own web designing company and hired the best writers, designers, IT managers I could find.” Colette notes. “I know what exceptional service is and this is how I run my online website business.”

But back up a few years, and the story begins with the Ohio-based Colette working with Elancers to bring her vision of Yoga Trends to life. Yoga Trends is a successful fitness and rehab center offering classes locally, as well as web-based classes across the country.Yoga Trends

“Elance has been an instrumental solution in helping me materialize my visions both locally in my studio and also virtually,” Colette explains. “When I first started building my company years ago on Elance I hired everyone from video editors, writers and even business advisers to lawyers. Having access to such amazing talents and personalities around the world, made me feel that I am able to connect to the top talents in the freelance industries.”

Colette loves the freedom and opportunity Elance gives her: “I have this relentless desire to create, share and grow. Elance gives me this opportunity to express these desires without boundaries or limitations. When do you have a career where the world is at your finger tips?”

While building her two businesses, Colette has discovered what many Elancers know as well. The platform allows you to test several Elancers to find the perfect freelancer for your specific job. In her own words: “The beauty of Elance is that that it allows clients to interview candidates and post small "experimental" jobs, in order to explore which freelance is the perfect fit for their online goals and visions.”

A big thank you to Colette for sharing her story with us all. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have the talent and drive to succeed. Nice job (two actually).


I love it....thanks for sharing!

What an awe-inspiring story, Colette! Congratulations! I wish you enormous continuing success...

Oh! Thank you so much Ladies. Your story was just as inspiring Kristine!

Oops. Thanks Jonathan!

Awesome story Colette. Inspiring.
Thanks for sharing.
Amit Patekar
IT Design Lab

Thank you Amit! Hope Elance is treating you well too!

Glad to hear about your success, inspiring for many :)