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Another Scary-Good Elance Halloween Party.

As expected, Elance’s annual Spooktacular Costume Contest was a frightfully fun time. Many from our California team joined in the afternoon’s festivities, dressing up in their favorite Halloween get-ups. Costumes ranged from sports and film stars to music icons, YouTube sensations and yes, even Elance Executives (gulp). There was also a large contingent of gruesome things, domestic and wild animals, and at least one farm fresh vegetable. Some of the costumes were a little difficult to identify their exact intent, and to avoid embarrassment we’ll just leave it at that.

During the revelries help upstairs at our Mountain View headquarters, dance moves were busted, a wide variety of skits were performed, and a scary number of mini-cupcakes were consumed. And of course, each and every Elancer was left howling with laughter (particularly those garbed in dog or werewolf outfits).

Although we work hard, it’s times like these that remind us all how great it is to work at Elance. Not only do we get the satisfaction of helping people build businesses and put food on the table, but it’s also a really fun environment. In fact, it’s a scream.



Halloween party is the most awaited one and theme selected for it by the Elance employee is to unique and funny , they have totally changed the Halloween theme.