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Before The Ball Drops In Times Square, Don’t Drop The Ball On 2012 Projects.

With the New Year’s celebration breathing down our neck, it’s time for businesses to think about all the great things you’ve accomplished on Elance since last January (hopefully a lot). And also, what’s left to do in December of 2012 before the books close and champagne glasses clink.

post your job, find a freelancer and make a big difference on your bottom line in the last few days of 2012. While other companies are busy wrapping up for the holidays and spiking the eggnog, you can still get a ton done and build momentum for the post-New Year rush of activity. With an international pool of freelancers, there are plenty of workers ready to tackle your projects right up to the midnight hour. Here are some thoughts:

Give Your Brand Identity A Make-Over. Start 2013 with a fresh look and feel, adding sizzle to your marketing efforts and company image. Hire a hip freelance graphic designer to spruce-up your logo and add pizzazz to your printed material. If you’re going to expand into new markets in 2013, make sure you look the part. It will also help build moral among your team and get everyone excited about the coming year. You also might consider a well-versed marketing copywriter to turn your major selling points into provocative headlines, and perhaps a public relations pro to let the world know you’re moving and shaking in 2013.

Get Your Website Hitting On All Cylinders. When your customers return to work in early January, the first thing they'll do is visit your website. Now’s the time to improve the content and tweak the functionality. You’ll find freelance web programmers ready to add new pages you’ve been talking about for months, or simply clean up some functionality that’s less-than optimized. Also attract more customers to your website with an SEO expert that knows how to turn keywords into gold. And don’t forget a computer animation savant to add some eye-catching graphics to your site.

Take The Next Step In Your Mobile Sphere. More and more people are accessing businesses through their smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re already there or just thinking about going to the mobile world, Elance has freelance mobile app developers ready to get you there for 2013. You’ll find iPhone developers and iPad gurus, plus Android specialists galore.

Tighten Those Legal Nuts And Bolts. As your business grows in the New Year, so grows the thorny legal issues involved with day-to-day business. Use the last days of 2012 to tie-up loose ends with freelance legal help. From patent attorneys and legal contract experts to litigation pros, be sure everything is in order for the year to come.

Naturally, only you know what’s the most important job to accomplish for your business as the year winds down. But when you think about all the great opportunities close at hand, and tax advantages of finishing work in 2012, you’ll agree with one thing: Your best New Year’s Resolution is to finish the old year strong. Go get ’em!


"Yes we believe in, "more to do as and when get to do."

"Before The Ball Drops In Times Square, Don’t Drop The Ball On 2012 Projects"- The one line describe the whole meaning, well said and yes this type of attitude should be followed by everyone.

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