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Elance Survey Points to Online Workforce as Driver of New Economic Recovery

We’re excited to share the results from our global survey on business hiring in which we asked over 1,500 Elance clients about their current hiring practices and future plans. The results provide insights on the role the online workforce is playing in the economic recovery and how companies around the world are increasingly relying on freelance talent as a competitive advantage.

Here are some highlights:

  • Businesses are looking to online workforces to get work done; 73% of business indicated they are hiring more contractors this year, and nearly three-quarters will be online hires.

  • A high percentage of companies (40%) feel they can find better talent online than what is available locally. Businesses have discovered they are able to stay agile and outperform the competition by hiring the skills they need just-in-time and on-demand by working with professionals online.

  • One incredible finding is that 84% of businesses say that hiring online gives them an advantage over competitors. Companies cite faster time-to-hire and access to talent not otherwise available among their top benefits.

  • Looking forward, this study points to a tremendous opportunity for the Elance online workforce. Companies predict the majority of their workforce (54%) will be online professionals in the next five years, with Europe leading the charge by predicting 58% during the same time period.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, and a big thanks to everyone in our Elance community for contributing to the new economy!



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