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Celebrate International Freelancers Day. Share Your Story And Win Prizes (Plus Connects).

Put on your party hat and dust off your dancing shoes. International Freelancers Day is Friday, September 21. If you’re like us, this grand holiday ranks right up there with New Year’s Day, Diwali, Rosh Hashanah and Oktoberfest. OK, maybe a touch below Oktoberfest, but darn close.

Whether you’re a freelancer or work for a company who uses freelancers, International Freelancers Day is your time to celebrate all things solopreneur. We may be preaching to the choir here, but freelancing really does bring wonderful opportunities to people around the world – putting food on the table, parents on time for school events and skills on track for what people love doing most.

All kidding aside, there truly is reason to celebrate this Friday and beyond.

So inspire us with your story, and win great prizes.
To celebrate International Freelancers Day we want to inspire others. You can help by sharing your story. It’s easy and fun, here’s how:

1. Tell your inspirational story about freelancing. It can be as simple as a sentence, or as state-of-the-art as a video, animation or whatever. Just be sure it speaks to our theme: How Freelancing Has Changed How I Live And Work.

2. Post your story or shoot us a link to your story on our Facebook Page, or send us a tweet @elance with hashtag #Efreelanceday. Stories must be submitted by 11:59 pm PT on September 30, 2012. As the celebration continues, we’ll be highlighting stories on the Elance Blog and Elancer newsletter.

3. Everyone who shares their story will receive 10 Connects in September and an additional 10 Connects in October!

4. Our team will view all stories and award prizes for what moves us most. Here’s what winners will receive:

1 Grand Prize winner gets:
Apple iPad 3 + $100 iTunes Gift Certificate + 12-month Elance Premium Membership

1 Second Place winner gets:
Kindle Fire HD + $100 Amazon Gift Certificate + 12-month Elance Premium Membership

1 Third Place winner gets:
$200 Amazon Gift Certificate + 6-month Elance Premium Membership

7 Finalist winners get:
$100 Amazon Gift Certificate + 3-month Elance Premium Membership

Check out the official contest rules and visit our International Freelancers Day Contest FAQ. Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for updates too. Winners will be announced October 2, 2012.

Good luck, have fun (oh, and Happy International Freelancers Day!).


I wish everyone a happy freelancers day!
Its been a wonderful experience for me on elance, for the past few months. I'm a 19 year old from India, who has a lot of dreams for website development. I had the interest to get working on projects which would be challenging, Clients who would be on top scales and also earn money through the skill and my expertise.
I was very new to freelancing, but I know that it was important for me to get my first project from a very well known freelancing sites. I started checking for various sites on web, where the contractor/freelancer experience would be easy and good.
After a lot of research, i found elance.com.
It was really been a turning point in my life, after when just 1 week from my joining, I got my first project on elance. It was a moment of joy for me, since i know that its my first income online, through freelancing.
Then, from $20 in my first project, I've moved to bigger projects and completed massive milestones. The best thing which is keeping me on high note in elance are these following factors.

1) NO fake projects. Almost every project in elance in genuine, which i like the most!
2) The best clients: One of the very few sites, where you find the premium sort of clients, who will actually use you repeatedly!
3) Prompt payment mechanism and very useful tools for every contractor.
4) Nice way of proposal submission and easy user interface.

I remember starting as a basic member, individual. Today, in just two months, I've started a company and we outsource massive projects and offshore projects. I know its our skill and our expertise, which has kept us moving.
BUT, its elance! which is providing us the platform to do our best everytime. Satisfy every client of ours. and perform the best in
Finally, Elance stays out from all the other freelancing sites in the world. This is my story on elance. I recommended this to all my clients, and other friends. They experienced the same. As a team, we're thankful to elance for making our dreams come true.

Ashish Tadigiri

First of all thanks a lot to ELANCE for giving me opportunity for writing on Freelancers Day.. I am starting my work as a Freelancers from the month of April this year. Before that I was working in an IT company ,since 2009 , but I have not received good pay for my hard work because and its difficult to maintain my life in less money. Then one of my good friend from usa , he told me to try elance website. then I opened a account in elance . after 2 days I have got job offer and this change my life and this is starting career of my Freelance job .. and I currently think to open a office on freelance job . Thanks to Elance for giving Freelancers to give a great platform for their future...


All Elancer !! I wish every freelancer Happy Freelancer day !!

Feeling very great to write my story on Elance ! My Self Ashish From India. SInce finished my collage had dream in mind to run successful I.T. Company But i was not aware about any freelancing site !! Then i have started making account on all site like ODESK,ELANCE,GURU,FREELANCER. No just before 1 year i have bid on all site & I got first response from ELANCE !! That's it i am great fan of Elance ..Since that date i never use another sites !! Since 2 Year using Elance Right now i have 20 Employee who is working on Elance projects !! I am feeling myself successful on Elance :) Thank you Elance.

I like to give 10 Star for support,Help, Site stability ,User interface, Payment guarantee . Also Elance have very good performance team who is always guide us to make sting eland profile & way to satisfy clients.

Also i like to share something about how Elance is helpful to my life. when i started with Elance i have suffering with danger disease , I have no money to diagnose & treatment for it…Then i have started earning with Elance & now i have done with treatment and everything. Because of this Elance have decided to suspend my profile due to low job response that was very bad time for me. But that time Elance had help me and i am her in good position !! :)

I can't express my thanks to Elance……Due to Elance there are more than 20 Persons are earning under my company and its make me much happy !!

My wishes to Elance to grow more & more & We like to work with you life time.

Have a great day

Freelancing gave me the work life I have always been looking for, how else can you be sipping a latte, with golden sand between your toes while watching the sun rise on a beautiful beach no where near the 9 to 5 hustle and bustle, all the while collaborating with clients on your newest projects?

All I need is my MacBook and an Internet connection and I'm set, Elance is there. I could be working almost anywhere I choose, from Paris, Rome, New York, or a sun lounger on the golden sands of west coast France? The world really is my oyster.

Recession has hit hard on Serbia. We are design and multimedia firm and there hasn't been much jobs around. Elance gave us chance to enter international market. Not only that we now have great number of great customers, we also have a rating build up, so a lot of clients find us on elance and send us job invitations! We don't do boring design jobs, we do exciting ones: graphics for games, user interfaces for apps, 3D animated logos etc. Elance also provides a great services like escrow payment, here on a local market a lot of people don't pay up, but escrow guarantee payment if you do everything right. We have been on other freelancing sites like freelancer, odesk and guru but honestly non of them is as good as Elance. Also I want to mention that by the end of the month a lot of my friends envy our paychecks. If you do do good work, you have good portfolio and you are responsive and don't lack good communication skills you simply can't fail here. Thanks Elance, keep on rocking an keep providing us great jobs!

I am prompted to write this comment out of my sheer belief on elance and nothing else. Well , about me , I am a professional who works in the IT industry like millions others. We put our entire day at work, for months and for years and in the end feel frustrated about two things - the quality of work and the earnings. A platform like Elance scores on both these fronts.Not only does it challenges the limit of your skills , the payments are also quite attractive. A near-perfect system.

I had earlier tried for long on various ways to earn online and always dreamed of some flawless and easy to use platform like this one and when I found it 3-4 months back , I was taken aback that my dream really existed s I saw it. I was amazed by how this entire system has been managed which is changing the lives of people around the globe, which made me search a lot about elance office , its CEO and other information available online but I found there is a scarcity of that which has disappointed me at times.

Needless to say that elance is far more superior than other freelance websites , which I found cluttered and unorganized as far as the user interface is concerned and lacking credibility as far as the quality of clients and contractors are concerned.

Thank you elance , for the spark in the eyes of my parents and the smile on their faces that I saw when I informed them of my earnings here. Thank you for making me more confident of my abilities and loving my work once again!

To live a prosper and happy life you should have money. Earning of a money is a art because its includes experience and your way of dealing.I am a student of business studies in Islamabad, Pakistan.When to get adult 18years plus than you need to get some money to live and to help your family. the nontraditional system is to get a job in local company or in foreign company abroad render your services and get paid for them. i belongs to a poor family and can't effort to get abroad. as i stated that i belongs to a poor family and promised with myself to help my family to make them happy and prosper. to make my dream come true i traveled to Islamabad to get a high education for to become a successful man. i got an admission in University, stars taking morning couches class and in second time starts rendering my services as home tutor to meet my University and day to day life expenses. but this was not enough to meet at real. after some time i got a job in local company as a clerk.in the meantime i didn't give up carry on my search for better place.
One day a friend of me came to see me, he told me about the E lance, and ask me to sign up. i didn't gave such intention to him because i have the past experiences about the freelancing, those experiences are not good with them, even i paid membership fee of some freelancing companies but didn't got a desired results. Most of them was fake and rest of them just time wasting.But he show's me his earning of past four months from E lance, and give me genuine proof that it is not a fake company. that's make me surprised. the words at time came from my mouth was" Waoow " is that true? he replied yes E lance makes this true. E lance is a market place where you get paid for your services and time.
At very next day i got signed up and create my free account on E lance, take a pledge and give all necessary information.i select admin support category because i am good in this field, and starts biding on projects.The result wasn't coming as i desired."There may be something missing", i thought.suddenly i got two points in my mind that was;

  • Complete E lance profile
  • E lance skills test
  • starts completing my profile through giving required information and fill out all mandatory fields which are required. second step was to take some E lance test for proficiency and experience( most of Freelancing Websites doesn't allow free skill test they are paid). i chose my matching skills test and got passed with very good ranking. verify my account via mobile number. Now all the requirements of the profile are just completed. again i starts biding on projects and can you believe it i got my very first job within my second week of e lance. i was so excited about this.one thing i want to mentioned that if you are going to give your services as a freelance than you must have complete your profile and than take skills test to be get hired faster. this will increase your chance of hiring more.my job was completed on giving time and against to my services money has been released to my account. E lance offer two types of job one fixed price and second hourly rate, get what you want. work with honesty and take care of E lance pledge for to be get hired more and again.
    Now my skills aren't priceless they are being paid for time value. E lance create a turning point in my life and give me hope for a better and bright full future. e lance give a hope to a hopeless person to become a successful man in the community.
    Now i can give time to my studies and can earn handsome amount from E lance.
    this is my true experience with the E lance.
    Best Regards
  • Hi,

    I did BS-Computer Sciences in 2003 and have been working as full time employee with different multinational organizations. Since start I had passion to be my own boss. I never thought to start my own freelancing career. Infect I didn't know initially what is a freelancing is all about. I was normal employee, taking instructions from my boss and performing my tasks. Sometimes there were appreciations and most of the times there was quite a rude feedback. Time continued to pass and I continued to became more and more frustrated with the attitude, behavior and most importantly leg pulling with in the jobs.

    I said enough is enough and I quit my job, I started to search online work and came to Elance by chance. First I didn't know how to go about, then I spent almost a day in researching how to create my profile and so on. First I copied all the information related to my skills from different contractors and start bidding. I had 10 chances (bids) to impress the buyers. I was so novice that I didn't know how to make a proposal to impress. I didn't get my first job in almost 6 months, in the meanwhile I was researching and researching, Then I won my first project and from there onwards, I didn't look back. I made almost 2 million (PKR) in year whereas when I was employee I only manage half a million in a year, so there is almost 300% increment in a year in my earnings and you no what, I am employer myself now a days ....

    Hello World,

    I started my carrier as a Data entry operator and worked on many companies without satisfaction. When I was working in a typesetting company, I learned about book typesetting and document designing in Indesign. But they never gave me a chance to expose my talents. That time, I was earning some small amount as a salary. That was only enough for my food and rent. I was not able to give a good education and some general facilities to my kid and family.

    One day when i was surfing on internet, I saw about Elance and other freelancing site. I registered immediately on both and hunting jobs for me. After two months, I got my first job and earn money in dollars in other site. After two months I got jobs from Elance with good remuneration. In my view, Elance is best for freelancers. Elance website has easy procedures for both the employer and the contractor. Especially for my case, Elance has separate section for Page&Book design. Now, I have a good portfolio in Elance and received invites for jobs every day. I was resigned my job last year and turned my carrier as full time freelancer. I earned 6 years of salary(if i working in a company) in one year on Elance. And also, my name as a designer in many books. Now, my kid studying in good school. My mother has medicines for the whole month. Me and my family are living very happily. Thank you Elance.

    I am poor in English grammar. Sorry for grammatical errors. I really thank Elance and my employers who are giving opportunities for me.

    Ramesh Kumar



    My Name is sandeep jaiswal an engineering graduate and a freelance web developer.I have joined Elance from last one year.I have a more than 4 years experience of working with offshore clients when i had joined elance last year as a small team named as Fyderyt I was surprised to see elance's project management and collaboration resources like Video conferencing, Join.me , To do list ,Elance Tracker etc.I have an accounts on almost all freelancing site but I am using Elance only because of its simplicity no extra project management knowledge is needed to work on elance.

    I want to say that Elance is not a place to earn only, Elance is the place to Learn, Earn and Share

    Learn Skills
    Earn Money
    and Share your Success and happiness.

    The reason behind the success of Elance is simple they respond to customer feedback and improve their product.

    and yes at last i want to share something special with the Elance blog readers,

    Recently I have got an idea from Elance University and started a new new blog Blog University ( Blog-university.com ).

    Thanks and Happy Interational Freelancers Day to all Freelancers.


    Hello fellow freelancers

    I am Greek and as most of you very well know, my country is in deep crisis. Our wages get lower by the day and our taxes higher.
    Amid this frustrating situation I started thinking what I could do to protect my family and maintain our quality of living. I ve been an application programmer for years now and then there is the Internet. Everything can be done through the Internet, why not developing applications? So I started researching for ads requesting programmers and employers that are willing to hire someone to work remotely. It didn't take me too long to find about all the web sites that are freelancers communities.

    The best site I could find was Elance indeed, since it has well defined rules and good employers. I signed up, set up my profile and waited...waited.... nothing! I posted bids all day long, writing and writing with no luck whatsoever.
    I was disappointed and stopped looking actively or some time.

    In the meantime, a customer I have in Greece asked me to implement a Facebook integration. So I did.
    A few days later, as I was surfing Elance for new posts, I found a job that was exactly that!!! I posted my proposal not having great expectation though and what do you know, the employer contacted me!! I was so thrilled!! I showed him my work and we started!! Everything went well and before I finish this job another customer contacted me!!
    After having a couple of good feedback everything got in the pipeline.

    Now I have steady customers with long-term relationships and I am expanding my team (that is me and my self) by adding another developer.

    Elance has been a fantastic break through for me !!

    Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. E-lance is an enhancement to this ability of a human being. Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable and priceless thing for others to offer you. At E-lance I am gaining from both hands, experience from the clients and generating income. This is what affects me about E-lance.
    E-lance makes an individual to answer himself that how much worth he has.

    Vikkar Rana

    How freelancing has changed my life

    I have always enjoyed drawing. However, I've never thought of it as a career: it seemed too uncertain, too unrealistic. So I got a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and a Master's Degree in Economics.

    Not exactly the path towards a career in art, right?

    Then, 8 months ago, I discovered Elance, and after one month I got my first job as an Illustrator. Then more came, all with great reviews! I had no chance to get a full-time job as an illustrator with no degrees and no qualifications in this field. Everything I know was self-taught. But along came Elance and introduced me to something I didn't even imagine: doing what I really love, what makes me happy.

    So I can honestly say that freelancing changed my life: not by increasing my revenue, which is also very important, but by changing the entire image of myself and my future, and to be honest, I still can't believe it ✿

    Hey Daniela,

    I have seen all of your arts before reading this story you submitted here. you r really brilliant dear!

    I have added a tweet using the hashtag. It is a link to my blog which tells the story of my move from part time work and into full time freelancing. I also include plenty of advice on how to get work on Elance and how to be a good writer and freelancer.

    I am a medical student by profession and will be doctor of future. I joined Elance just for fun and got serious income from it. I currently lead a team of 5 developers under the name of zanmbeel. Elance is a revolutionizing platform connecting the east and west markets. it has brought changes into the life of millions of users and the figure is still growing. In short, I love Elance.

    Just a small expression of emotions, we are not able to celebrate the freelancers day because we Muslims have been hurt badly due to the shameful movie against our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him).


    Thank you Abbas for expressing your emotions!

    Wow freelancing, I remember when I first googled the keyword "Best Freelancing Platform" early February 2009 and Elance was No#1 on the search results and the others followed. Then I went through the site, looking at other Contractors profile and what they were doing, reviews from Clients, but I was still working for a Web Design Agency. I decided to try it, to see how it will help my career and what I have learned.

    Didn't win any project until early of March when I got my first project, then everything started to fall in place. I couldn't believe I could work right from my home with anyone around the world. I didn't hesitate at all, started freelancing full-time because I'm a risk taker person. 99% of my clients comes from Elance and I'm really happy that I'm part of Elance community. Later I also joined other freelancing platform but elance, is the "BEST".

    The experience and exposure alone it's worth more than anything in this world and also priceless. And I even got the chance to travel to UK for holidays 4 months, without freelancing and elance it wouldn't have been possible.


    Happy Freelancers Day to all


    I found Elance 2 months ago and now i have earned up to $100..i have already requested my friends to join with Elance......Thank you very much Elance ...


    Struggling for extra money to the pay the bills I decided to put my talent to use for others other than myself. I turned to a friend of mine in an online internet community and asked about where I could potentially find work designing graphics and logos other than submitting them to the never-beneficial design contests. He introduced me to Elance.

    Before Elance I submitted designs to various contests around the internet and wasted countless hours creating logos and graphics for contests that a winner never seemed to be chosen or very little was paid out for your efforts. It was beginning to be a waste of time and effort as I would have nothing to show for it other than a few graphics for my portfolio.

    I had from a friend about elance online jobs and i just thought to try if i can get my luck there since i needed money to pay my bills.Elance has transformed my friend's life very mach for me i joined elance on April 2012 and since the i have tried to bid jobs but all in vain but the best thing is that am not ready to give up thanks Elance team

    I have started my career as as designer in 2009, till the end of last year, i didn't do one freelance job in my life.... when i was working in my last company, i know a person who do freelance, when i spoke with him, i thought freelance is big work, getting a client doing a work is big job and i never dreamed about it nor i thought i will get one.... But a freind of mine send me a invitation to join the elance.... Now i have done almost 90 jobs this year, I have been a successful guy in this elance providing good works to client. I have also recommended this to my freinds, who is also doing great work in elance. I thank very much to my first client, without them i will not her now in this position.

    Elance really changed my life. I will be with elance all the time.... I thought of leaving my regular work and become a full time freelance worker with elance.

    thank you thank you..... thank you very much for changing my life.....

    I am recommending it now and will recommend it in the future to all the designer who i know, who i work with.....


    Freelancing has changed my life in helping me see the true potential I really have. In seeing this potential my self esteem has gone up and bit and my confidence in myself has been boosted as well as being able to show my children you can be anything you you choose to be just got to be willing to put the time and effort what you believe you want to do.

    I never heard of Elance from anybody but deep in my heart I knew that it was possible to work and earn online. I researched online on how to work and earn online for months but all they asked for was a Registration Fee. I asked my friends who I thought could have an idea of how to work and earn online but found non. Then one day while I was googling I came across Elance and registered without any Registration Fee. I read their tips and fulfilled all their requirement to make your proposals selected. I bidded for six good months without getting any job but i never gave up. Then one day I submitted a proposal and for the first time my proposal was accepted. I was very excited I proved to all my friends that it is possible to earn online. Since that day I became a full time Freelancer. Every time I meet the young people who are struggling to get jobs especially here in my country I always encourage them to join Elance which pays much much better than most employers in my country.

    I thank God I found Elance.

    Happy International Freelancers Day to Elance and all Freelancers.

    Modern job industry has become very complicated; there is a lot of competition and lack of employment figures are increasing. Discovering a job is not about circling possible tasks on Sunday's paper and then having to select between a few offers… quite the opposite. The job industry is very aggressive, individuals are recognizing less pay and back-breaking working time just to deal with their regular expenses.

    Freelancing, in this case, is the most reliable option for earning online. Freelancing tasks give us the opportunity to set up an online business or generate a little more other than our per month salary.

    I was very interested in computers and internet from my childhood. I did some computer courses and computer language programs as well but this was the passion more than the need to earn money which took me to elance /or freelancing work. People around me, from the beginning, never believed that earning online is possible and were of the view that anyone would like to go working online and getting rid of their regular jobs, if it was possible. But I never cared about people’s views because I knew that there must be something good trying it or at least I would learn something. I started working on freelancing websites and did strived hard for 1 year to make a base in those highly skilled jobs industries. After I was having a good reputation and completed some jobs perfectly, my work started to increase and I was able to earn more money- which I never imagined I could while working online. I joined elance after a few years and I did find elance the most reliable, easy and widespread online jobs industry. It has lot of features to help you, and a system that works better than all the other freelancing websites. I personally like lot of features on elance. Now I am working enough to support my family and earn a full-time income which was never possible for any other regular job of my caliber.

    Elance has just become a part of my life and perhaps, one of the most interesting and beautiful part. I am not just earning through elance but I am able to learn new things everyday and going step-by-step towards fulfilling my dreams. Hopefully, in a year or two, I’ll be one of most reputed and hard working person on elance with a small-scale IT firm and I am proud to say that I am a part of elance. Elance has provided me with a long term source of income, to learn something new everyday, knowledge of international online working community and a professional approach with good communication skills which makes it easier to stand and compete in the modern world/ job market.

    In the end I would like to say “Success is not something to wait for, it is something to work for” and “Elance is the best platform online as compared to other freelancing sites to achieve success”.
    Thank you elance for providing me an opportunity to write my story and probably becoming a part in inspiring others.

    I never reall thought the whole online projects earning website aspect of the web would appeal to me.Of course as a user, I have account on Elance,I mean majority of people does have.Elance is a website taken to its impersonal extreme,but it’s a great way to earn and support your family here on Elance.
    I was vaguely familiar with Elance from a couple of months back reading about it that how to earn money by using your skills or abilities.
    All of this changed when I read an article on a blog that amazed me about earnings on it by offering your skills like web designer,graphics designer and so on.
    So,Once I got started, it was hard to stop.You feel mysteriously compelled to personalize and showcase your skills on Elance by just applying to the job area that you got expertise in.I have to force myself away from it while I am at work.If you havn’t joined it,I highly recommend joining.Just make sure you must have to honest with your work and your clients.Once you start its hard to stop.
    Thanks to Elance for making my life happier than ever by earning handsome amount and supporting my family sitting at home.

    I discovered Elance website while I was looking for a way to make money online as I was a new mother and couldn't leave my baby. It was very difficult to trust those bunch of spams online that offered fake opportunities to make money. I kept searching online and at that time I had no idea about freelancing. Suddenly, the link of Elance appeared and I started reading about it. I then decided to register and start using my skills and experience. I was so excited to receive my first job invite from a client and it was really enjoyable doing this kind of work. The first time I received a payment was very delighting for me. I am now on Elance for almost 3 years and I love the way I am working. I recommended Elance to many of my friends and will keep recommending it to those who are looking for a trustful and fun way to earn money.

    Thank you


    well i heard about Elance from my cousin and i just ignored him. After few months i need some money to fulfill my desire, as i have so much interest in web designing. Then i remember his talk about Elance. Then i make account on Elance and after few days i was invited by a company for data entry task and i bid on this and i am selected for that job. After that job i have done six more jobs.

    Now i have got enough money to complete my course. Elance really gave me chance to fulfill my desire.

    Elance really changed my life. Thanks to Elance.


    I am not writing this because have any greed for the prizes, but I am writing this because I love computer science

    I am a computer science student and really enjoy programming and freelancing has provided me the best opportunity to practise my skills in the real world market. I started using elance a few months ago and fond the best way to earn by doing the thing I like/enjoy/love the most.

    God bless freelancing. :)

    I am more than happy to tell my success story on elance, I hope to inspire you with my success story. I joined Elance Feb 2010 at that time i don,t have any expertise that how to work on Elance.I hired a BDM(business development manager),who started work on Feb 2010 with me and within three month we did,t get good response and unforutnitly BDM left my company .At that time i have two option one i quit Elance or 2nd i will go with full motivation,so that time i decided to go with Elane and i started work.Without any expertise a good professional knows how difficult to do job on freelancer forums.Believe me i spent at least 18 hours on Elance to got clients as well as the expertise.Any how I learned several intangible qualifications that one can't learn from a book; Qualities that will bring us to success!
    Now after two years no body can believe me how i am successful on elance ,my profile show my success.By the grace of GOD right now my company standing under 400 top companies in world whose working on elance. To date,we have completed over 225 projects for Elance clients and although we are also using other methods to get business, Elance is by far my favorite method for getting clients.
    We are really great full to all of my clients & specially to Elance for my current situation. One great thing about Elance is that the clients are serious here and most of them have a long-term focus. We are glad to be part of Elance contractor community. Thanks to Elance I have had the opportunity to work on exciting and interesting projects.

    Sincere Regards,

    Team CVI.

    Art Studios started in year 2005 and we are situated in Colombo Sri lanka and we handle web designing, development and print products and etc . Our main business flow is web designing and development We serve the local clientele as well as foriegn and that's where Elance came in.

    We as a company that provide web and mobile development services we find elance the best freelancing site that has a genuine worker database. It has been a great experience so far hiring and being hired and hoping to work with you for a very long time in the future

    Now we have 8 permanent employees so far and around 10 temporary ones who we pull in when the work load is heavy.

    I have started freelancing because I am in lack of financials as a student. After months of applying I finally landed on my first job. Earning online has hugely changed my life since I can now provide for my school needs and even some of the needs of my parents. I have learned the real value of hard earned money. And as a graduating student with marketing management as major, it made me more versatile since I have already explored the world of internet marketing. I have also done some marketing work even if I am not yet a graduate!! Simply put, Elance changed me not only financially, but professionally. And the professional change had a greater impact on me. Money will just take days or weeks to spend, but the skills I have learned here are permanent and growing.

    I’m Narek Avetisyan, designer and design author. I create brand identities that position my clients above their competitors, ultimately increasing client profits. Companies I’ve worked with include the HSBC Bank(Armenia), Inecobank(Armenia) and XGroup(Armenia).

    My business is successful because I make it less about me, and more about my clients; about the direction their companies are heading and about the success they will achieve. Not only do the brand identities I design ensure my clients stand-out, they also provide visual expressions that stand the test of time, enabling clients to engage and connect with their own customers more effectively than ever before.

    If you’d like to discuss working together by all means get in touch.

    Elance saved my life in many ways than one.

    Health and happiness --- After a crazy day, in all uncertainty i know that i can come to Elance, bid on a job, get paid and get a get a good feedback. That puts a smile on my face every time.

    Career growth -- I've always dreamed of owning businesses but it all seemed faint. After a few months on Elance, streams of ideas kept flowing because i could now see what my community needs. Now, i know it is achievable!

    Philanthropy -- Working on Elance has given me an exposure to the world around me. I can see the need for human contribution on earth more than i ever did. Now, i don't just want to grow businesses, i want to give back to the world and my community as well.

    Simply Easy -- The Elance platform is the best online platform for my personality type because it is easy on the eyes, easy to use, no cluster, timely, everything is organized and placed in the right spots. I couldn't have asked for a better space to work online.

    Thank you to the Elance Community for coming up with such a brilliant idea! It is indeed a life-saving one!

    As a Military wife and mother of two young children, I found myself searching for new beginnings after we received orders to a small town in Texas. I have over 15 years of experience as an executive commercial real estate assistant and was an active retail broker in a very large metropolitan area when we heard the news about moving. I had my dream job and now had to start over as many military families face everyday.

    I was introduced to Elance by a colleague at my last company. I research and found many positive aspects about Elance. I found my niche as a virtual administrative assistant and could see there was high demand for my particular experience. I started bidding on jobs, taking the test and refining my profile. I have been selected by several great companies to work for and have been very excited about the opportunities it has brought me and my family. I now have a blog, Facebook page and have to turn down jobs because of my work load from existing clients.

    I can say Elance has changes my life and my families too. I am able to work from home and still be a part of their school and outside extra curricular activities. All thanks to Elance!

    ROAD 1 WAYS 30



    The company I was working for two years ago down sized and I was let go. I then was working for a temp agency on and off for a couple of months and unfortunately couldn't find any permanent work. Then in early 2011 I found out I was pregnant and new after having the baby I would want something part time and preferably from home so I could stay home and raise my daughter. One day I was online and I found Elance through an article about working from home. I signed up right away and I am very grateful for a website like this. I am able to so assignments for things I am really interested in and I get to spend quality time with my growing daughter. She is now 9 months and I haven't missed a single milestone while working from home.

    Happy Freelancing Day

    Good Morning, It's a great pleasure to work at Elance and offer the services. On this occasion, I would like to Thank you to Team of E-lance because they have given us the opportunity to express our services and build strong bonding and relationship all over the world.

    When we started our operations at E-lance we were not expecting as much response from the client but as the time progressed we come to know that we are going in the right direction in the field of Design & Development.To make each client happy its an art and to make them satisfy with our work it gives us more pleasure that we had a good time with them.

    E-lance gave us the opportunity to establish our company and with the help of E-lance team our team is growing day by day as we are getting more work. Now we are thinking to expand our operations in the field of Mobile application and other fields as well.

    Thank you E-lance Team for giving us an opportunity to be a part of your team so we can express ourself as a Team and as a Country that how Good we are in the field of IT & Programming.


    Soft Whizz

    I have been a freelance writer and location producer for most of my adult life, though at times I have held down day jobs (such as teaching English which is a lot more challenging than some people may think!). My greatest challenge however in working in Greece has ultimately been getting paid for completed work submitted! I sure wish I would have had Elance back when I started out to keep things running smoothly!

    One funny story (although I was furious at the time) happened while working with a Greek TV producer/director in 1996. My first daughter was then 8 months old, and a loved one had just suffered a stroke so I was doing every imaginable gig I could lay my hands on to help out financially with medical bills. The director in question had given me work in the past and things had gone pretty smoothly so when he approached me about script editing a series he was proposing to the national broadcaster I wasn't overtly suspicious. He also wanted me to prepare the grant apps to the EEU MEDIA Fund as the subject matter was of historical significance.

    26 episodes worth of pre-promotion, editing, translation and composition was an ambitious project and would ensure a steady income over those difficult months (or so I had thought). What really frosted me was that the man knew the difficulties I was facing but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    I take great pride in my work and am adamant about keeping myself on schedule (that is what has allowed me to survive here all these years) so when the first excuses and delays in payments came up I decided to grin and bear it - a man with his reputation wouldn't be capable of... After the production budget for the series was approved by the broadcaster, and the first EEU funds came in I said to myself "Surely now he'll throw me a bone!" Still no result. Filming got underway, there was constant cash flowing through the production office, yet none of it was dogeared for me. The man's son asked me, "What do you think of my new convertible?" I told him I thought it would look smashing at the bottom of the sea with he and his father in it.

    So as not to bore you all to a catatonic state with the details I will simply say this: the title of the series was "Love Came a Day Late", in my case however "Love" took her own sweet time! I wasn't aware of certain legislation back then and that ignorance cost me dearly. He could legally delay paying until 6 months after the program had AIRED, with no legal or economic repercussions!

    I had to send my lawyer in the end to collect, and the Director put on quite a show: "Tell that ungrateful beep that I never want her to darken my doorstep again!!!" Only three days later he called me saying he hoped there were no hard feelings and that he was putting together another proposal... I explained that regrettably my dance card was full and unfortunately I wouldn't be able to assist him.

    After that I started making my own rules.

    If I had had Elance back then, things might have been VERY different!

    It is great to know there is a solid support system ready to back you up and help you get your job done.

    Thanks Elance!!!

    As a recently graduated designer from Miami University, freelancing has been a way for me to get invaluable design experience. I've had some amazing clients, and some who like to put up a fight, and to me that's the best part of freelancing. You make amazing connections, and have the ability to produce amazing designs. Now that I have started working full time at an interactive design position, freelancing to me has become more important than ever. I love interactive design, but I still want to continue my other passions in the design world as well. So far, I've been working with clients I've gotten through connections, or work at Miami University (my alma mater, Love & Honor!), but recently I came across Elance, which I think is a great opportunity to build out my freelancing career more and gives me the design variety I'm looking for as a growing designer.

    To of my most inspiring quotes for design and freelance work are as follows:

    "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

    "I got 99 problems, but design ain't one of them"

    Happy Freelancers day!


    you will Enjoy this platform

    I have been a writer all of my life; even before I knew that writing was a career. However, time after time, trial after trial, I just could not find that opportunity that would help me live out my dream. Some opportunities would come just close enough to get my imagination reeling and then, they would turn on their head, ending up to be only a wisp of the scent they originally emitted, or worse, they would turn completely foul at closer inspection.

    I had tried for years to be recognized as a writer. Monetary gain was not at all my main focus. I just had this passion and this drive to produce meaningful words, but I could never find an outlet that was genuine.
    So, alas, life and necessity ripped me from my passion. Years went by without more than a few written words produced.
    But then, by the grace of God, I was introduced to Elance through a news report my boyfriend saw. Knowing of my lost love, my boyfriend encouraged me to give Elance a try.

    When writing my first proposal, although a little rusty, the words flowed out of me as though a dam had broken inside my soul. It was a posting for a short story about a vampire encounter. I was so excited and so completed, just to be writing towards a purpose, that I didn’t care at that point what it even amounted to.

    To be honest, I was almost convinced it wouldn’t amount to anything, due to of the montage of past failures still lurking in the forefront of my mind. Therefore, it took a few days and another urging from my boyfriend to check the status of the job. However, upon checking, I began to shake. Thoughts of happiness and chaos swamped mind and my heart began to race.
    Noticing my visible excitement, my boyfriend asked what was going on.

    With tears coming to my eyes and a long awaited exhilaration coursing through my veins, I responded, “Oh my God. I got the job.”
    And that was the beginning of my beautiful journey to prosperity and more importantly, fulfillment.

    Thank you, Elance.

    How Freelancing Has Changed How I Live And Work.

    Freelancing, (or how I like to call it, "elancing") has changed my life significantly. I have SMA II, a form of Muscular Dystrophy. SMA impairs all of my motor functions, and as a result, I work from home. I live in a world filled with limitations. I type with an on-screen keyboard and can only use one finger to move and click my mouse.

    After I graduated from college in '09 (BFA in Design), I struggled to find my path. Most employers wouldn't hire me because of either their ignorance or fear that they would have to cover me on their insurance policy. I resulted to craigslist and croudsourcing websites to fulfill my growing independent and adult needs. To no avail. Not only was I struggling physically, but financially as well.

    Then, I saw an ad for elance.

    I became a member in April of 2012. In 5 months, I've not only gained an income, I've gained a lifestyle. I currently earn more money than any of my fellow design grads. I've gained a clientele whom I've had the pleasure to work on multiple projects with. My portfolio is growing. I'm finally becoming independent.

    Elance has changed my life. My optimism toward the future is strong. Elance has opened up a world for me that I thought was too hard for me to open myself. I thank you for that.

    Its Muzzamil javed here,

    Just saw the link of the contest of Story writing on my profile click on it and now I am start writing my story that how I came to know about Elance or Freelancing. One thing I must say that freelancing had changed my life. I am Graduate in Business administration "In desperate need of Job to earn my living" but can't get any job. Really worried about my family livelihood. One day early in the morning after taking breakfast I went at the bedroom my mother watching a talk show on television at news channel. The person who is talking there named Dr. Israr he was telling about freelancing on Internet for the students who does not get job after Graduation or who wants to work part time. I sit with my mom and listening very carefully about the discussion they made.

    In their discussion Dr. Israr tells about two sites the one is Elance and one is O-desk. So when I listen about these sites I am in a hurry start my Laptop search on Google about Elance and at last reached at a site. There is a man standing on the front page named "andreson" I have then registered on the site. Two difficulties I have suffered in register myself on Elance "First is Elance test" lolx. and second is "Phone Call verification" ::D. Really very awkward I think I will pass the test on sixth attempt :)..

    Okay after registering myself on Elance i cannot get any job. I have no money so I can choose basic membership and at that time Elance gives 10 connects. I have bid on several jobs almost 4 months but can't get any job. I cannot lose my heart and continue bidding on the projects and at last get a project of PDF conversion to Word. I am very expert in MS word. So I complete the project in 1 Day and get 5+ feedback from my client and earn $20 for the first time and now after a year I am a professional member of Elance get good jobs, good ratting and having good Clients + of course Good Earnings........

    Only one thing I want to say that freelancing has changed my whole life. It gives experience to me that how to deal with the Clients and how to work professionally. Due to that experience I have also get job in a food factory as an administrator.

    “One Last words I want to say there is no difference of languages or religion or countries in freelancing there is only a happy relationship of work between clients and contractors either belongs to any religion or country”.
    Love Freelancing, Love Elance....

    Thanks and Regards
    Muzzamil javed

    Its Muzzamil javed here,

    Just saw the link of the contest of Story writing on my profile click on it and now I am start writing my story that how I came to know about Elance or Freelancing. One thing I must say that freelancing had changed my life. I am Graduate in Business administration "In desperate need of Job to earn my living" but can't get any job. Really worried about my family livelihood. One day early in the morning after taking breakfast I went at the bedroom my mother watching a talk show on television at news channel. The person who is talking there named Dr. Israr he was telling about freelancing on Internet for the students who does not get job after Graduation or who wants to work part time. I sit with my mom and listening very carefully about the discussion they made.
    In their discussion Dr. Israr tells about two sites the one is Elance and one is O-desk. So when I listen about these sites I am in a hurry start my Laptop search on Google about Elance and at last reached at a site. There is a man standing on the front page named "andreson" I have then registered on the site. Two difficulties I have suffered in register myself on Elance "First is Elance test" lolx. and second is "Phone Call verification" ::D. Really very awkward I think I will pass the test on sixth attempt :)..
    Okay after registering myself on Elance i cannot get any job. I have no money so I can choose basic membership and at that time Elance gives 10 connects. I have bid on several jobs almost 4 months but can't get any job. I cannot lose my heart and continue bidding on the projects and at last get a project of PDF conversion to Word. I am very expert in MS word. So I complete the project in 1 Day and get 5+ feedback from my client and earn $20 for the first time and now after a year I am a professional member of Elance get good jobs, good ratting and having good Clients + of course Good Earnings........
    Only one thing I want to say that freelancing has changed my whole life. It gives experience to me that how to deal with the Clients and how to work professionally. Due to that experience I have also get job in a food factory as an administrator.
    One Last words I want to say there is no difference of languages or religion or countries in freelancing there is only a happy relationship of work between clients and contractors either belongs to any religion or country.
    Love Freelancing, Love Elance....

    Thanks and Regards
    Muzzamil javed

    I am a professional Graphic Designer who has worked in the field for almost 20 years. Since I obtained my degree, I worked my way up in my field, starting with low-pay, entrance-level artist jobs and graphic production jobs, eventually finding a job in a successful design agency as a Senior Graphic Artist.

    This company looked promising as far as future promotion was concerned, but after working there for 12 years, I was still not promoted to a Designer's or Art Director's position. I knew I had wonderful design skills, and having worked under an Art Director for so long, I was disappointed that I was never given a chance for promotion.

    It so happened that I was struck with an illness in 2010, and had to be out on short-term disability for almost 5 months. When I was finally able to return to work on December 1, 2010 (my birthday), I was immediately called to the office and told that my position was eliminated. My belief in the industry and my company in particular was crushed .

    I immediately went on unemployment and searched for other full-time or part-time opportunities in my field, but the economy had slowed it down to nothing. Any jobs available were always too far away to even consider commuting (with the price of gas sky-high), and offering such low pay that it was inconceivable to even consider applying for them. Jobs in my general area were non-existent.

    I decided to try freelancing early in 2011. I signed up for a few freelance sites online, but I never had luck until I found Elance. Elance had so many helpful perks and informational tools! It took care of all the billing and invoicing worries, and made the process of finding jobs and writing proposals for available jobs completely stress-free.

    Since I started freelancing on Elance, I have had the opportunity to actually showcase my design skills and talents to clients who were qualified, ready and able to hire immediately. As work started to come in, I was able to grow my portfolio and even specialize in the field of Packaging Design, a field that I had been groomed for in all the years I worked at my former employer, but never given the chance to prove.

    I have been freelancing for over a year now, and my life is completely different. I no longer have to get up early in the morning to commute to a dead-end job and report to an unappreciative boss. I am my own boss. I choose my own hours. I choose the jobs I wish to apply for. I am established in my chosen field as a specialist designer and my ongoing success is governed only by my own efforts and dedication, not by someone else's judgement. I feel free, happy, successful, and very appreciative to the company who helped me realize my talents and potential - ELANCE!

    How Freelancing Has Changed How I Live And Work
    by The Rabbiter

    From the idea that lit the fire of my freelance business, through the excitement of my first awarded job, to keeping a 4.8 star profile at Elance.com for the last 12 months – this is a 3 and a half years old story, yet it already changed my life. And these are the 5 main changes:

    My daughter calls me daddy

    I used to work as Brand Manager for a multinational health care company. I have worked for 50 hours per week. Now, I am working for… 50 hours per week. There is one "but", of course. Today, I can set my schedule the way I want. Before becoming a solopreneur, I was like an uncle to my daughter as I was always working late. Now, she calls me daddy.

    I choose the bullets on my website

    Do you remember thinking how many things you would have done differently if you were in your boss’ shoes? Congratulations, it’s Independence Day! Now, I can set my own rules and make my own mistakes to learn from. This is my business – my style. I can finally design my work the way I see it.

    Now I know exactly where the British Virgin Islands are

    From the American “thanks, man” to the Australian “cheers, mate” – I had the unique opportunity to work with clients from every continent on the planet. Such experience gives you variety, confidence and the sublime feeling that you speak to the whole world.

    I stopped working

    Confucius once said “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Clearly, Confucius was talking about freelancing. As soon as I became a freelancer I started perceiving work differently. This is not something you do for money, this is now something you do for yourself and for… even more money.

    I will probably live longer

    No more picking the right tie, no more traffic jams, no more end of the year meetings, no more “Get in my office! Now!”. Freelancing gives you the exclusive opportunity to do your job by lying on your living-room’s sofa with no socks on. And if stress shortens life, then being a freelancer means I will most probably see my great-grandchildren growing up… and becoming freelancers.

    Now, I realize that it all started from a funny idea, like a joke, really. This joke is now my biggest pride, my inspiration. Freelancing can be your dream come true if you find your vocation. The best freelancing website Elance called for inspiring stories. However, freelancers don’t really need inspiration because freelancing starts with one.

    Happy International Freelancers Day!

    Actually i and my friend have got good offer in one company and we want to become entrepreneur so started to find out how get work we put name of company in which we was selected for job so we get some elance and odesk link with comapny name add we read that carefully. suddenly we change decision and started work amazing really !!!!!

    we are new here but we will become great from this have good confident - thanks again
    Regards Ketan [Vedsolution]

    How Freelancing Has Changed How I Live and Work

    In 2011 I was blessed with a baby girl. With her presence came a hunger to earn money while being close to her, at home. I was expressing my desire to find a work-at-home job to an extended family member and they mentioned the website Elance and recommended that I check it out. Soon after, I signed up and began scrolling through the new job postings which updated every 10 minutes. I didn’t have a particular keyword to search because I had never worked from home or done any online work.

    I came across, “Transcription Services Required,” and honestly, before this – I had never even heard of this service before. It’s funny to have stumbled upon this because it’s really a perfect fit for me. Long ago, when I was bored (not a mother ;)) I remember I used to listen to my favorite music and try to keep up with the song lyrics by typing quickly in Microsoft Word. Little did I know, years later that would be how I become self-employed.

    I got very lucky with the first free connects from Elance as I was awarded a job, got paid, a good reputation, and have been able to pay for my membership (without depositing!) ever since with the work I’ve provided on Elance.

    Now, I am able to stay at home, be a full-time mom and still earn a nice income which fits into my schedule at home. I have been kept busy by solely using Elance and have many repeat clients today. I look forward to a future of raising my family and expanding my business.

    -Stacey M.

    Happy International Freelancers Day!

    I am Electrical Engineer
    I just lost my job few months before and i didn't have any income source which were made my life really pathetic
    Mostly people & my friends feel pity for me and didn't have any way to come out this tension
    I remember someone's word that "Never Loose the hope " and " create jobs instead of seeking "
    Some of my friend is freelance Engineer and he told me about freelancing
    I start my career as freelance Engineer few months back with my best of Knowledge and luck
    Ultimately, i got the breakthrough and got good jobs related to my field
    Now, i am successful freelance Engineer in just a few months
    In the last i just wanna say
    " Never Loose your hope "