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Combined Data From Elance And oDesk Enriches New Online Work Reports

Our latest Global Online Work Report and U.S. Online Work Report are each out now, which is news in itself.

But what makes these reports even more newsworthy is, they’re the first to include the combined data of both Elance and oDesk. The significance of this fact was not lost on analysts and journalists who closely follow online work (and rely on Elance-oDesk to be the industry bellwether), including Andrew Karpie of Staffing Industry Analysts.

In a recent article Mr. Karpie notes that the powerful new consolidation brings even greater insights to our collective understanding of online work today and in the future. In his post he points out that the reports “draw from the (combined) Elance-oDesk data warehouse, which contains the world’s largest and most comprehensive set of data available regarding independent work happing (online).”

He went on to further explain the significance of the combined reports:

There were quite a number of interesting data points in this new combined data set. One was a revelation that the current annualized run-rate of Elance-oDesk gross spend/freelancer earnings of $940 million, which CEO Fabio Rosati mentioned in a briefing call, was fast moving toward $1 billion (at that level, Elance-oDesk would weigh in around the same size of the 35th largest global staffing firm — and growing much more rapidly). In addition, there was truly revealing data, such as there now being 2 million U.S.-based freelancers registered on Elance-oDesk (with 248,000 new US workers registering January through May 2014).  The report also pinpoints the natural—and ever more rapid — ebb and flow of different skills in demand:  Demand for Data Science, Internet Security, and Android App Development is growing noticeably, while demand for Facebook Development, Ajax Programming, and Joomla! Development is noticeably falling off.

And so, while these published reports reveal some interesting data points, they also reveal — like the tip of an iceberg — the enormous data resources and insights that online staffing platforms make possible. 

Here at Elance-oDesk we’re excited to now bring additional insight to online work. This will allow our many communities greater understanding of the market. This is especially true for freelancers who can visit our Trends section to see what skills are in demand, so they can adapt, remain relevant and grow their careers.

Elance-oDesk CEO Fabio Rosati also expressed his commitment to providing this increasingly valuable information to our communities. "Never before have we enjoyed such visibility into work — from the number and nature of jobs, to demand for skills, to where and how the work gets done," he said. "We live in a connected age when millions of businesses and professionals can collaborate with anyone with unprecedented ease. Together with our customers, we are re-imagining where, when and how work gets done."

For a few highlights from our online work reports (which cover data from January through May of 2014), you can also check out this quick recap.