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Congrats To Elancers Who Helped Fuel StartupBus

StartupBus North America 2014 is now in our rear view mirror, and needless to say it was a gas (as well as another exciting and inspiring journey). Here’s a quick video recap of the action-packed competition that followed the 72-hour StartupBus journey:

Next order of business: Congratulations to contest winner SmartHost.

Their StartupBus pitch introduced a clever new business and app allowing you to estimate the optimum price to charge for your rental property. An example of their differentiating point is, for example, if a huge Amway conference is coming to town they calculate the law of supply & demand into your estimated rate. Pretty smart, eh?

SmartHost was also smart in hiring Elancers to help with their pitch. As they explain in a recent blog post, the team worked with Elancers to research their competition, define marketing opportunities and more.

A tip of the cap also goes out to the competition’s runner up, Bridgefy. Their team created an app that allows for WiFi-direct communication (meaning that you won’t need cellular or WiFi access to communicate with those around you). This is particularly convenient for disaster situations, concerts or any other crowded event or situation.

The Bridgefy team was obviously rockin’ out to The Beatles on their bus, as they had this to say: “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends – that’s how we feel after working with our friends at Elance.”

But let’s back up a bit (honk, honk).

If you haven’t been formally introduced to StartupBus North America, it’s an action-packed pitch competition where a wide assortment of entrepreneurs pile into a bus with one thought in mind: Combine the know-how onboard (and online, at Elance) to create a great company.

This year StartupBuses left from San Francisco, Kansas City, New York City, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Mexico City and Seattle. It was a three-day journey where each team buckled down to first decide their best collective idea for a company, then use every resource available to bring that idea to life (before rolling into Austin). Also onboard most buses were local Elance Mobilizer to help steer teams on how to easily hire the perfect freelancers for jobs.

Nearly every StartupBus team hired and worked with Elancers to get a variety of projects done, such as logos, research and programming. Creating videos was also a popular project for Elancers, including this SallieWill video.


One of the most amazing Elance trips I've been on! Thank you Elance! You rock! Anil Pattni @OCHackerz