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Build On Your Success At Upwork With Our New Online Course

Upwork has already proven to be a rewarding marketplace for freelancers, and you too can start taking advantage of the marketplace and new opportunities with both new clients and ones you’ve worked with before on Elance.

We’re committed to making the transition as easy as possible for our Elancers as we wind down the Elance platform. In addition to live webinars and rich community discussions, we created an online course that you can take at your own pace. The course is broken down into quick 5-10 minute modules where you can learn everything from copying over your reputation to building a strong profile on Upwork.  

Take the modules in order, or choose the ones that are most relevant to you:

Module 1: Welcome

(5 minutes) The keys to a smooth transition from Elance to Upwork.

Module 2: Moving to Upwork

(10 minutes) Seven steps to copy your account and reputation on Upwork.  

Module 3: What’s New on Upwork

(5 minutes) Upwork’s investments in increasing the quality of jobs available and improving tools boost your productivity.

Module 4: Best Practices for a Strong Profile

(10 minutes) How top freelancers on Upwork attract high-quality clients.

Module 5: Finding Projects & Clients

(5 minutes) Target your search and set up automatic updates through your Job Feed.

Module 6: Submitting Proposals

(5 minutes) Impress clients and win high-quality jobs with a clear, concise proposal.

Module 7: Managing Communications

(5 minutes) Leverage Upwork’s tools to communicate and collaborate with your online team.

Module 8: Getting Paid

(5 minutes) Get safe and secure payments for your great work.

Module 9: Your Reputation on Upwork

(5 minutes) Win repeat engagements and higher-quality jobs with a strong reputation on Upwork.

Thanks, we hope you enjoy these quick courses. The team looks forward to seeing you on Upwork, and to helping you accelerate your success.


eagerly waiting to use this

Don't get your hopes up - you'll regret it.

We are still waiting for the invitation to join upwork.

very interesting and also learned some things I didn't know like a contract witout activity or a job without feedback bring down your rate.

I don't think it's a good decision to marge with Odesk as ELANCE has great reputation and I am totally unhappy that elance going to marge with odesk , ELANCE is ELANCE but from now I'm seeing good projects posting other platform and elance loosing it's great identity,

Yes you are right,can I know upwork has great project posting than elance or less?

SAVE ELANCE! Sign this Petition. It takes 2 seconds and you can post a link on your social sites afterwards to try and get more people to sign it.

Petition to Upwork's, "Stephane Kasriel, Thomas Layton: Stop Upwork from shutting down Elance."

I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:


Thank you. Read my other comments here for examples of Tweets and FB posts to try and #SaveElance

Push this forward to other elancers here. You can HELP by staying in this forum area and looking for people that don't want to move to Upwork and post this above to them in a Reply. it would sure help if everyone did this. Just look for a post, then Reply with the above. Make sure the link to the petition works if you copy/paste this as it may it cut off. So open in your browser and resource the link to the petition again and then paste it into your reply to one the elancers here.

We all want the Elance as platform should not die. The design and usability of Elance is much ahead of upwork. I would request everyone to have our voice heard to upwork management.

my personal experience I would say worst platform I have ever seen or used.

Shifting to upwork: my personal experience and hopes are very low now since I have checked and transferred my ID there. I would say worst platform I have ever seen or used. I dont know why they have done that to freelancers. It would be a good decision if they could keep elance and make a new platform or merge to elance rather shutting it down.

Great work Upwork! I love upwork, great online marketplace ever.

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