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Don't Miss a Beat During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us – a chance to rest, relax, and spend time with family and friends. But how can you fit in the fun when you’ve got your business to run? That’s where Elancers come in. Elancers can help your business stay on track and even get a jump on the competition during the holidays.

Below is a list of projects you can hire an elancer to help you stay productive:

Upgrade your website
Consumers, customers, and other businesses increasingly look to the web for information.  Make sure your first impression is a great one. If your website is dated, potential customers will assume your skills are less than cutting-edge as well. A great web designer can deliver the look, feel, and features you need to win new business.

Get a new corporate identity
Start the new year with a bang – upgrade your corporate identity. Consider a new logo, stationery, brochure design… or if you already have a logo you love, have a graphic designer extend your look to all of your print and web materials.

Or maybe you’d like to revamp your offices or workspace; an architect can create plans to perfectly match your needs. Imagine how exciting it could be to come back to work and have drawings and blueprints ready for review in your inbox.

Review and revise marketing tools
Many companies budget spending and initiatives on a year-to-year basis and for that reason, project spending often increases at the start of a new year. Make sure you’re ready to win new business by updating your marketing collateral, or by hiring an SEO or SEM expert.

And if you’re not sure what advertising actions to take, a skilled market research professional can help. Many companies cut back on marketing expense during a recession, which means this could be a prime time to stand out in your industry.

Develop a new product
Do you have a great idea for a new product but you haven’t had time to flesh it out? Turn your ideas over to an industrial designer and start the new year with drawings, specifications, and plans to make your idea a reality. While your competitors are celebrating the holidays, you can too - but you’ll also be taking steps to build a new revenue stream while you enjoy time with family and friends.

Answer email and phone calls

Stay in touch – even if you or your staff are away – by hiring a virtual admin assistant to respond to emails and answer and return phone calls.

Send personal cards and/or gifts to business contacts
Hire an office admin to not only write, address, and mail cards and notes, but even to find the right gifts at the right price. In fact, you can even hire someone to do all your personal holiday shopping.

Plan gatherings for clients or employees
Putting together a successful event is tough. Take the stress of your back and leave the planning to an event planning professional.

Take care of last-minute 2008 details
Don’t wait until it’s too late to take advantage of tax planning. Hire a financial management professional to evaluate your financials and suggest strategic moves to make before the end of the year.

Refresh your web content for the new year
Hire a freelance writer to change out any old or holiday specific web content with revised content appropriate for the new year.  And if needed, hire a freelance programmer to help integrate the new content into your website.

Arrange holiday travel

A travel planner can evaluate and create the perfect itinerary for your getaway.  And if you follow some of our earlier tips, you can feel confident that your business is in safe hands while you’re gone.


Thank you, thank you for the reminder this morning to out source MORE!

This is a time of year when many businesses are planning and budgeting for
2009 expenses...this was timely.

Another Sales Diva suggestion would be hire an elancer for ezine creation and
distribution. It was one of the BEST things I did for myself in 2008!

Keep up the great work!