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Easy SEO for Joomla and Drupal

In most cases, a website content management system (CMS) is not just an option for success of a website, it’s a requirement. Two of the more popular CMS choices around today are Drupal and Joomla.

But how do you make sure your CMS system is configured properly for search engine marketing (SEO)?

Read below for a short SEO to-do list that will help draw traffic to your Drupal or Joomla website.

SEO Tips for Joomla Websites
The Joomla CMS has been a popular choice for websites for a few years now. Early on, it lacked in SEO features, but it appears to be strengthening in this area. Follow these steps to help make your Joomla site SEO-friendly:

1. Choose an SEO extension for your website, and install and configure one extension:

  • Joomseo. This is easy install, but not quite as flexible as other options.
  • Search Engine Friendly Patch. This is also easy to install and optimizes core code, not URLs.
  • Sh404SEF. This is a little harder to set up, but the most useful in the end. Basically, if you’re willing to take the time, this extension is the way to go.

2. Be sure to choose a template that focuses on the text rather than images.

3. Write great content for search engines to find. Yes, this one is obvious, but can’t be emphasized enough.

SEO Tips for Drupal Websites
SEO is very, very easy with Drupal. There are a few modules that will all but automate the onsite SEO value of any Drupal site. Follow these steps to make any Drupal website SEO-friendly:

1. Install and configure the following Drupal modules:

2. Write great content for search engines to find. It’s just as important with Drupal as it is with Joomla ;-).

3. Be sure to use smart ‘node’ titles because these are your H1s and Titles.

4. Also, be sure to use pager, a post setting manager, to break up a long list of nodes.

5. I like to use a custom CCK, Content Construction Kit, field to create a content field that allows a custom teaser.

Do you have any Drupal or Joomla SEO tips to pass along? Feel free to contribute by leaving your comment below.

Alex McArthur is the VP of Search at OrangeSoda, a local search marketing company. OrangeSoda's primary focus is to help millions of small and medium-sized companies succeed online by providing them with the most advanced campaign management technology, tracking, reporting, and optimization systems available.



Don't forget Metadescription, people think is no longer important, but it's still being useful for engines. A good sitemap might be great for users and Google, you have to make your site easy and interesting for both of them, that's the most important thing you must remember

Thankfully, Drupal has very flexible theming capabilities that allow for advanced styling.