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Elance and oDesk to Join Forces

We have big news to share. We’re joining forces with oDesk. Today we’re announcing that we signed an agreement to merge with oDesk.

What does it mean for you?
Not much. The new company will continue to serve our freelancer and client communities on two separate platforms at elance.com and odesk.com.

Why are we merging?
To put it simply, we believe we’ll be better together. Even though Elance and oDesk serve different communities and in some ways have been rivals over the years, when we got to know each other, we found that the two companies share a common vision and many of the same values. We believe that by working together, we can innovate faster and deliver more opportunities for our clients and our freelance communities.

What can you expect?

  • Significant investments in technology. This includes tools for more effective hiring, seamless online collaboration, improved mobile accessibility and skills development.
  • Higher quality results for all customers. With deeper expertise in data science, clients and freelancers will benefit from improved personalization of the user experience.
  • Participation in how we evolve. Please join us in crafting the future together. Please share your likes, dislikes, suggestions and comments by emailing our CEO, Fabio Rosati, at Fabio.Rosati (at) elance.com. We’ll share what you’ve taught us in an upcoming blog post and our plans to incorporate your feedback.

The merger is expected to close in the next four months and is subject to the satisfaction of certain closing conditions (including regulatory review and approval). For answers to additional questions, please check out our list of frequently asked questions. We’ll be providing regular updates on our blog, so please check back soon.


I think its not a good idea,, without competition there wouldn't be better service.. a healthy competition is always good

100% agreed with you. will it be the end of Elance.com???

Hey there samsoftsols and majesticlogodesignuk,

Thanks for your comments. However, by working together, not only will we be able to provide an even better overall user experience, we'll be able to take on bigger competition by reinventing staffing globally. We're looking forward to bringing even more high quality opportunities to freelancers worldwide.

I also think it is not an good idea . You should think one more time about it ......


Try reading the article " The new company will continue to serve our freelancer and client communities on two separate platforms at elance.com and odesk.com."

For 4 months.

I totally agree and having worked through both websites -- i can say for certain you cannot support a family through Odesk unless you wanna work 150 hrs a week for 3 bucks an hour and give them 10% of your earnings. I guess its time to find a better freelance website to work through.. Sad, I hve spent yrs claiming how much better than Odesk Elance is.. Anyone who freelances knows this.. smh. Sad day in my house. Guess I gotta get my website built so I don't need this place anymore..

Hey KimberlyBair,

Elance and oDesk will continue to operate as two independent site, each with their own unique benefits, and we are dedicated to maintaining a great experience to our freelancers on our site.

It is all about Brand. ODESK is a brand for cheap labor and Elance attracted a different market....people who are professionals and negotiated a job based on what they might get at a desk job. Elance just gave away a lot of top talent, and a bunch of employers who will go elsewhere. These employers do not want to be associated with cheap labor..because it hurts their brand and network. Everything is connected!

I have my account in Odesk. There are so much cheap bidder. Hence I am not used that site now. Because I am tried from that bidder and project poster manager. The work project are fine on Odesk. But the budget amounts and bidder look like as create a cheap market place. If elance and odesk will merge then this cheap market will arise here also.

r u sure, Elance and oDesk will continue to operate as two independent site,
if right, how they merge?

I think so too Elance is better then odesk, i heard this i said nooo,but i can only hope my noo becomes i ok good.

Hi Kim,

I think it's unfounded to say that "you cannot support a family through oDesk" I've worked in oDesk for the longest years and as a Filipino I get rates that I dictate. The issue is, there are just more freelancers on oDesk who are willing to take below $3 rates than here on Elance. But to say it frankly, not all who work on oDesk work for peanuts. Again, it's not about Elance or oDesk, it's about you and me who put a price to our services. It's a personal choice and how you really assess the kind of service you provide. If you deserve a $50 per hour rate, then it's your call to stick to that rate. If you pick up a project that's paying $10 whether it's in oDesk or Elance is no longer relevant.

Just my two cents.



right bro

wow this is big! :O


Hoping this merger will bring best for freelance community.

and the resulting company will merge with freelancer.com :)

That is the only thing that could make this worse.

Yeah, I agree with you..

It could be worse... if the company resulting in the merge of oDesk and Elance bankrupted and we were only left with freelancer.com. That would be worse!

Thats funny!

That comment made my day! lol


As long as they keep the commision / fee as the lowest of the two, it can be good.

Do you think, when competition is over. they will not hike the commission. They merge to earn more and how could it possible, by raise commission and charges only.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great comments. Our number one priority and passion is to bring you the best user experience as freelancers and businesses. We look forward to everything in the future!


Lets hope for something good. The group of tech ingenious personnel would extract the fruitful resolution, I believe.

Horrible decision. Odesk has nothing but cheapskates and low labor workers. WHY would you go and ruin Elance like this?

I agree with you . Elance should think one more time about it . It is not really a good idea !

Elance and oDesk will continue to run as two different brands and two different sites, each with different strengths. We here at Elance will always strive to bring you the best experience freelancing online.

Hi, to be honest, I like this point. For the same reason I have choosed Elance and worked here for several years. But, after this horrible decision, I suppose the quality and bidding amount will keep getting lower and lower. Just keep an eye on this point once they functionally start working together.

Great Idea !! Seems a great attempt to achieve synergy by joining hands rather than wasting resources in hostile rivalry. This big transformation will reshape the the competitive landscape of freelance work industry. Will create even high barriers for new entrants. Sharing expertise will enable the enhancement of product and services at each portal and will give a better user experiences to freelancers and clients plus bottom lines of each platform will get favourable affect by achievement of economy of scale.

Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

Horrible decision.

My favorite thing about oDesk was how it kept the bottom-of-the-barrel undercutting overseas workers and the cheapest of the cheapskate employers away. Now all the workers will be on Elance (presumably with reputation carrying across somehow, so it will be even tougher for hiring clients to differentiate genuine value). And the employers will come too, and Elance still doesn't have a rating/reputation system for employers. Super.

Is this supposed to be good for us? Really?

Not a good idea. We freelancers are going to suffer for lack of options. In last February, elance kept me blocked for more than 2 weeks without showing any proper evidence of violation. I had to rely on my odesk profile greatly for that period, otherwise, my whole team would have been found nowhere.

Not Really a Good Idea, Elance is Much Much Better Than Odesk, i left Odesk and Joined Elance because Odesk Sucks. Please Re-Consider This Self Distracting Decision . Elance is Unique and please keep it that way.

Rest assured, we're only going to improve how Elance serves our community. Ditto for Odesk. This gives us the opportunity to bring you the best of both worlds to every job.

There's a lot of talk about "improvement", but no one is saying what's going to be improved, or the fact that "improvement" is subjective.

Interesting! I had same story behind joining Elance.

Yeah, you're right. Elance is much, much better than odesk indeed!

Not a good idea.

I thinks Elance and Odesk Both are same. Elance is Professional Community and Odesk is Tester Community. Any Idea Test for oDesk then LATER Implement Elance. I have Proof like below $50 USD bidding.

Please don't destroy elance by merging it with odesk. 90% providers and clients of odesk maintain no quality. For example 80% of the odesk clients offers hourly rate $0.70 to $ 0.80 (70 cents to 80 cents), and at the same time 90% of the providers in odesk are eagerly willing to work by that hourly rate (70 cents). Here we have 2 findings: 1. Clients doesn't need any quality task and 2. Providers are also not providing quality service.

More clear example: You will often see in Odesk that

"Job Description: I need a web shop which will work like amazon.com and should have all the facility of amazon.com. Budget: $30 to $60".

This is a very common type project in odesk and budget is also common. Odesk clients wants to design similar site: amazon.com or facebook.com by $30 to $60. How funny!!!

Well, Elance has prominent clients as well as prominent providers. So don't destroy this wonderful environment of elance by merging it with odesk. If you do that most of the established providers of elance will try to find alternative solution. In fact I am not agree to place a bid in a same project where the cheap providers of odesk will also apply. Please Stop this MERGING...!!

Agree, It is not making sense

Agreed !