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Elance Is On Cloud 9, Sponsoring AngelHack Events.

Update: Here are photos from the recent AngelHack in Kiev.

If you’re a serious hacker, AngelHack is heaven on earth.AngelHack attendees

And we should know, as Elance had a fantastic time sponsoring a recent AngelHack in San Francisco. Plus we’re also looking forward to sponsoring several upcoming AngelHack events in cities around the world.

To fill you in, AngelHack organizes hackathon competitions for web developers, web designers and other entrepreneurs. Called AngelHacks, these events give budding startups a chance to bounce their ideas off others, crystalize their thinking, learn new development tools and receive funding and mentorship. They also have access to great freelancers from Elance, who can help bring their ideas to life during the weekend competition.

Oh, they also meet new friends and have a blast all weekend long.

This year AngelHack is organizing even more hackathons than ever, bringing together over 15,000 developers in 50+ cities. Each is a competition (with noted judges), with winners of each city’s AngelHack entering a 12 week AngelHack Accelerator Program to prepare them for a trip to the Silicon Valley to meet investors.

If you want to be a part of an AngelHack Elance is sponsoring, here are some upcoming dates:

Austin, June 1-2 RSVPJamHive logo

NYC, June 1-2 RSVP

Singapore, June 1-2 RSVP

Kiev, June 15-16 RSVP

For those who attending the even in San Francisco last weekend, you know how fun AngelHacks are. And congratulations to overall S.F. winner Livabetes (a positive take on DIEabities). They’re plan is to make an iPhone app that can monitor your blood glucose level with an add-on device, as well as track your insulin shots and other diabetes-related treatments.

Also a big nod to JamHive, which earned a special prize from Elance. They’re developing an online music collaboration tool for musicians, and they’re one of the many teams who used Elancer during the S.F. event. This includes hiring Irish graphic designer Alan, who worked through the night (Irish time) to iterate and create a rockin’ logo for JamHive.

Good work to all, and we look forward to more great work in the weeks to come.


Studio Domingos. Illustrious your idea with us! :)

I am really interested in this event. Will join for sure :)

they’re one of the many teams who used Elancer during the S.F. event. Miami Seo