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Elance High Fives the Five $1,000 Winners at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Hackathon.

The Elance team had an awesome time at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013.

It was wonderful to meet so many of the great entrepreneurs out there who are creating the businesses of the future (there were over 1,000 attendees at Disrupt). It’s also great to run elbows with so many Elancers who stopped by during the show to say hello and share their stories. It was truly inspiring to see the impact of Elance.

Another highlight of the show for Elance was sponsoring/helping out/doling out swag and goodies at the weekend’s world-famous Hackathon competition … zzzzz … (yes some of the team did get a wee-bit sleep deprived as festivities went into the wee hours of the morning). But it was amazing to be part of the excitement as over 250 teams from all over the known world converged on San Francisco to take part in the Hackathon. Check out a quick video we put together, spotlighting the Hackathon.

We’re proud to say that during the Hackathon many-a-team tapped into the talents of Elancers (who similarly were from all over the world). These hackers were looking for a helping hand on anything from web development and web programming to writing and graphic design.

Needless to say, our talented Elancers were well received and had a big impact on bringing team’s ideas to life.

During the competition we were also pleased to award $1,000 Elance credits to five Hackathon teams who caught our eye with their great ideas and exceptional use of Elancers. Here are the prize winners:

YourNewBuddy - A superfast, geo-location-based way to find exercise partners.

Fashion Sugar – An app that allows you to see which fashion trends are rising in popularity with direct links to retailers to purchase.

Street | Stile – The first social fashion app on the Google Glass platform, with search by voice and integrated sharing options from Glass.

Twine – (aka "Twitter Command Line,") Gives your tweets superpowers through third party APIs using command-line style syntax.

SnapShop – A maintenance-free, hassle-free online store in one click, with an integration to find freelancers to help customize your brand new site!

So congratulations to the top hackers, and to everyone else who played a role in pulling off such a fun and inspiring event. We can’t wait to attend our next hackathon. And if you’re a freelancer who wants to be considered for work when hackathons happen, or a budding startup looking for help during a hackathon, look no further than our Elance Hackathon Group. The group is the fast track to success for anyone who’s looking to excel at hackathons near and far. Check it out.



I wish I could be the part, Good Luck to me for Future endeavors.