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Elance Partners With IBM To Create Talent Apps Powered By IBM Watson.

If you watch the brainy quiz show Jeopardy!, you probably know the incredible processing power of IBM Watson. If not, IBM Watson is the “cognitive computing platform” that outsmarted the TV show’s two top human challengers (and earned a cool $1 million, which IBM donated to charity). IBM Watson logo

Today IBM and Elance are announcing a strategic partnership to fuel creation of a new generation of apps for the enterprise, powered by IBM Watson. IBM has tapped Elance as their inaugural talent partner to build a Watson Talent Platform.

The move comes as a part of IBM’s larger announcement today that it is opening up IBM Watson as a development platform for entrepreneurial software application providers (ranging from start-ups to established technology leaders). The goal is to create apps in the cloud leveraging Watson's cognitive computing intelligence.

Based on technology that helps break down the barriers between people and machines, Watson now bring the Elance community an incredible opportunity to find talent that’s perfectly matched to jobs.

 “Elance is proud to partner with IBM help fuel an ecosystem that leverages the ingenuity of smart people all over the world, to bring to life myriad Watson-powered applications," said Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance. “We are also excited to build our own Watson-powered applications to better serve all our clients."

Watch a quick video of Fabio Rosati and the IBM Watson team, discussing the future of cloud computing and the dynamic online workplace we’re helping them build. See why the future of work is happening now, and why we’re excited to be partnering with IBM to bring unmatched intelligence to online work.



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Good News. But I don't programming. Is there any ways to learn about Apps

Great News.