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Elance Security: Expect A Well-Lit Workplace.

When chatting with clients new to Elance, one of the first questions we’re sometimes asked is, “How safe is Elance?”

Our answer: Seriously safe.

As you can see, here at Elance we don’t mince words when it comes to something as critical as your security. But since we do have the room here, let’s go a bit deeper and clarify exactly how and why you’re seriously safe at Elance.

1. An iron-clad working environment.

To make sure your money, information and rights are always protected, we’ve invested tons of money in the latest security tools and systems. We also work around-the-clock to make sure this technology is hitting on all cylinders, at all times.

Elance also works diligently to verify freelancer identities so you truly know who you’re working with. Just the tip of the iceberg is validating email addresses, phone numbers and geographic locations (and for US-based freelancers there are also confirmations through W-9s and Tax IDs). Freelancers can also, have their credential further verified by a third party – which you’ll see noted on their Profile pages. On Profile pages you can also read other clients’ feedback and ratings to get even deeper insights into each freelancer’s work history.

When working with freelancers you can also count on secure, dedicated workrooms. Only you and invited guests have access to your workrooms, where you can communicate, share files and collaborate with teams in confidence.

2. Protection for your “working” capital.

We realize that you come to Elance for great work at a fair price. With that in mind we do everything humanly possibly (and technically possible) to make sure you only pay for results.

Hourly Work Protection: Thanks to Elance’s Work View™ Protection you only pay for hours worked on your job by your freelancers. Built in are plenty of safeguards, ranging from your ability to view real-time screenshots of work as your freelancers are on-the-clock, to your freedom to audit and reject timecards if need-be.

Fixed Priced Escrow Protection: With Elance’s Escrow Protection you pay only for work received. You can inspect all work from your freelancer, and only when you approve the work are funds released from Escrow.

3. Dispute Assistance (should issues arise).

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally work disagreements do occur. When there is a difference of opinion between a client and a freelancer, Elance provides a process to help your resolve the situation. You’ll have access to Dispute Resolution Assistance for both Hourly and Fixed Price jobs – and if needed, Arbitration. Learn more

Naturally Elance works hard to avoid disputes before they become disputes. This includes offering multiple channels of communication so everyone can get on the same page before the job begins, as well as the option to refund and cancel payments if the work has been started.

Work through the Elance platform, and you’ll work safely.

Whew. That’s just a quick glimpse into the immense Elance world of security that awaits you at every step, every day. That is, as long as you’re working jobs through Elance -- and not taking them offline where fraud can occur.

Hopefully this blog post answers many of your questions on protection in the workplace. To learn more, visit our Trust and Safety page.

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