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Elance: Tailor-Made For Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

If you’re looking to meet a rugged man with a pioneering spirit and commitment to old-world quality, look no further than Xan Hood.

Founder of the popular clothing outfitter Buffalo Jackson Trading Co., Xan is cut from the same cloth as Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway and John Muir. He’s also a devoted and long-time Elance client – which helps greatly to explain his passion for high-end work and superior craftsmanship at every step of the way. It’s the same rough-and-tumble excellence you’ll find in his collection of dress shirts, outdoor jackets, leather goods, shoes and other fashionable sundries.Xan fishing

As Xan shares, “One of the greatest success stories of our business is working with contractors on Elance. Our business couldn’t have grown without them.”

When Xan originally set out to build his clothing company three short years ago, he knew he couldn’t settle for a handful of so-so employees with general skills. That’s not the way Teddy would have manned an army, or Pappa crewed a deep sea fishing expedition. Xan wanted the best of the best, and that’s why he turned to the highly-specialized professionals available at Elance. To build Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. and to get his business up and running quickly, Xan hired-on an entire team of top-notch experts – from product developers and accountants to graphic designers, artists, website developers and customer service reps.

“I literally bootstrapped my company using Elance teams,” said Xan. “I started with $300 and a dream.” He is quick to point out that he looks only for the finest and most passionate workers, rewarding them fairly for an honest day’s work. “I love my team,” Xan notes. “They’re like employees to me, or even family. I had the opportunity to send some extra money to a trusted programmer in India when he went down with Dengue Fever and was in bed a few days.”

The physical location of Buffalo Jackson’s Elancers spans from across the globe in the Ukraine to around the corner from his North Carolina home. Xan currently works with 10 freelancers, but that number can rise at the drop of a hat. When the demand is there, Xan simply invites more Elancers to help him tackle the job. “I was recently talking with a much larger company on some collaboration and they estimated I had 15 or more employees working around the clock,” Xan explains. “But nope, it’s just me and Elance right now.”

But when you’re one tough field general committed to honor and integrity like you’ll find in Xan Hood, nothing is going to stop you from blazing new trails and realizing your dream. Especially when you have an army of Elancers there to support your every move. Giddy-up.


WOW! $300 and a dream so inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Awesome! Good for you! I'm in the process of bootstrapping a startup. I've tried to hire local workers, but their too pricey for subpar skills. I am in the process of using Elance. So far so good. This article was good inspiration to keep going down this path. Good luck to your success!

One amazing company! One very amazing man to work for! I can see a great future for his business and it only gets better from here.

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