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Elance Welcomes 35 South African MBA Students.

While we love meeting young “go-getters” from around the globe, it isn’t often that entrepreneurs stop by the office en masse. But such was the case Tuesday when a group of second-year MBA students from South Africa paid a visit to our Mountain View, California headquarters.

Led by Professor Albert Wöcke and Dr. Pieter Pretorius, the students are on a tour learning about the innovation that allows entrepreneurs to thrive in the Silicon Valley, Bay Area and West Coast. Naturally Elance was on the docket along with others leading the way in entrepreneurship, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cisco and other innovators found South of Market in San Francisco.
There wasn’t enough time to throw some boerewors on the braai (BBQ some sausages), but we did get to spend a couple hours exchanging ideas with the group from Johannesburg’s famed Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). It was a wonderful experience sharing our views of the quickly-changing world of business, and hearing how South Africa is adapting to tomorrow’s mobile workforce. South Africa appears to have a burgeoning start-up scene, and the students were quick to point out that the region would certainly enjoy access to additional skilled workers from around the world.

GIBS is the business school of Johannesburg’s University of Pretoria. Last year The Financial Times rated the GIBS MBA Programme the #1 program in Africa and among the top 50 in the world. With insightful minds like these students keeping their eye on our shifting world of work, the future of business looks bright indeed.



Heard a lot about GIBS MBA program, the quality of experience and learning students have there is really remarkable. Would definitely like to know what are the adapting tomorrow’s mobile workforce these students discussed here at elance.
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This is awesome! The ability for South-African students to learn about the vibrating valley sounds definitely like a cool thing. Keep up the good work!

This is really very good the south African learn more technical things that is a good for knowledge

Seeing this made me proud. We have very talented young people in the country and it is nice to see them visiting the big players in the market. I hope they've taken something away from this! I am jealous :-)

Great to see South Africans venturing far and wide :)


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