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Elance Blog Gets A Makeover

We’re kicking off 2009 with a new blog design for our readers - we hope you like it!

We went for a simple and clean design to make it easier for you to read, browse and search for blog articles.

We hired and collaborated with elancer Ketan Sethi from Eyeforweb to design and code the new blog template – thanks, Ketan!


Why are the headers the right for the Blog Topics all different sizes?

Looks real clumsy.


Hi Niel,

Thanks for checking out the new blog design -- you noticed that we introduced a ‘tag cloud’ for the blog topic names. We’re still tinkering with the design of this area, and in an upcoming release, we’ll introduce changes that make the topics easier to read overall. What we like about the about tag cloud functionality is that the font size of each blog topic name is a function of how many articles are published in the topic relative to all articles, making the topic names dynamic and interesting to browse. I hope this answers your question.


i agree the tag cloud looks shoddy. this one is better http://www.googleguide.com/experienced_users.html

This is my first use... but, yes, I like the look!

Hi dinesh_java_php_pro,
We recently rolled out the new look for the tag clouds.  The font is now smaller, there is more spacing between the words and each tag gets underlined as you scroll over it.

I was declined by a buyer several times. The reason given was "prefer a different style". What does that mean exactly?

hello did you get the meaning of this yet ?? i am also wondering because i too have same reason.. with no other explanation.

I like it. Simplicity, minimal designs is always best.

The new design looks cool. Simple and uncomplicated. Would u guys know how to add a third column to the stretched denim template on blogger.