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Elance Provider Keeps Clients Satisfied

Since joining Elance, Stephen Black (BigTex34) has successfully completed 21 projects while keeping an impressive 100% feedback score.

We spoke with Stephen about the types of projects he bids on, how he competes, and how he maintains 100% feedback. Here’s what we learned:

Finding Projects
Stephen checks out projects in the ‘Writing & Translation’ and ‘Sales and Marketing’ categories. “I started using Elance because of the high number of projects available in my field,” Stephen said.

Stephen reviews project descriptions carefully and only bids on those that are within his focused field. He specifically looks for writing projects such as sales letters and email marketing.

Submitting Proposals
Stephen demonstrates the value and quality of his writing by providing examples in his portfolio and submitting detailed proposals. “When clients are looking for quality in writing projects – they’re not looking for the lowest bid – they’re looking for the provider who has the most to offer,” he said.

Providing Customer Service
For Stephen, maintaining 100% feedback comes from going the extra step to take care of a client. “In the rare instance a client is not satisfied with my writing, I am happy to take their feedback and make edits,” Stephen said.

“In some cases, I take the time to explain why something was done a certain way. For example, I could explain to the client how a piece was geared towards the readers’ position or emotional state of mind,” he said. “I do what I can to ensure that they’re not only getting what they paid for, but that they’re getting more.”

Finding Success
“Using Elance, I’ve been able to market my service without expensive travel or time consuming meetings," Stephen said. "It’s been a great resource for me and for my clients.”


Stephen, congratulations! I've just recently completed my 25th project at Elance and have a 100% positive rating, too. As you said, it's so important to go the extra mile and be sure clients are 100% satisfied before you ever agree to take their money!

I've been fortunate in connecting with buyers who are clear about what they want (or who readily admit they have no clue what they want, so that I can put on my own thinking cap and knowledge of sales to help them create a vision) and who are reasonable, excited without being frantic, and very, very appreciative. I'm getting repeat business, and expanded projects (two editing/proofreading projects have developed into full-blown rewrites with the accompanying "raise"), so it's never dull as an Elancer, that's for sure!

Every new piece of work has to be as top-notch as all the ones that came before it in order to garner 100% positive reviews. There is no "resting on one's laurels." And any copywriter worth his or her salt should be able to make $20-25/hour as a starting fee if they have enough positive reviews and portfolio samples to prove that they are worth the price (and even more!).

Another good thing to do is to take the certification tests at Elance so that prospective buyers can see the service provider's level of expertise. In my opinion, "self-rated" skills should always be taken with a large grain of salt. Client-rated skills and Elance-certified skills are the ones that really tell the tale...

Again, congratulations! It's true that I'm a "competitor" of yours, but I'm also a fan and booster of anyone who puts their clients FIRST!


Kristine M Smith