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Esteban Tolosa Mobile App Desinger for Elance

Just ask Esteban Tolosa of Cuidad de Cordoba, Argentina.

Esteban is a User Interface Designer for mobile applications. He is also a dedicated “full-time” Elancer.

Originally a pure graphic artist by trade (a career he toiled in for some time, dutifully working the corporate 9-to-5 grind), Esteban wisely saw a bright future in mobile apps and steered his career in that direction. It was a great choice.

“I love my life and I’m living the dream,” he says.

Now that every company worth its salt is creating a mobile app for their business (and justifiably so, as customers are using mobile apps at record pace), Esteban is enjoying the financial and life-style benefits of creating mobile apps for Elance clients around the globe. In the past two years he’s worked on over 150 Elance projects for 80+ clients, including mobile apps for iPhone and Android projects.

With Argentina facing severe economic difficulties much like most countries, Elance has been a breath of fresh air for Esteban and his family. A father of five young children, he can now earn money to support his family while also organizing his work schedule around family commitments.

“I prefer this way of working,” he notes. “I can enjoy time with my family, control my life and remove stress.”

Esteban’s clients are less stressed too, as he’s helping companies create that awesome mobile app to drive growth and increase revenue. It’s skilled professionals like Esteban who are helping make mobile app development among the most-demanded projects on Elance.

With his talent and wonderful story, Esteban has also earned a coveted spot in the Elance Inspiration Center. Bravo, Esteban, bravo.


His story is very inspiring, and will encourage many other elancers. Best of luck dear Esteban Tolosa.


Congratulations Esteban. Elance has really given a lot of us rare earning opportunities. As a freelance writer, I presently sustain my family of four with what I earn and I would gladly say, we never lack. Thank you Elance for what you have done for us.

Thank you very much for your words. It is very valuable to me, knowing that my story is useful for you.
Success for you too!

I really inspired by him and I am also want to be a full time Elancer.

Thanks to this fantastic place. Thanks to Elance, and all the wonderful community that makes up this great global family.
This is a great place to learn, to work, to earn money and meet people from other parts of the world.
Everyone can do it. Fight.
Just wish it with all your soul, and be persistent.

You inspire me .Keep it up

I am pleased to hear that. Thanks for sharing.

Apps are something that spread easily from person to another and is highly recommended if liked by one user and is developed nicely. So I hope that same happens with this.

powder coating

Hi estebanet,

You are the person who are inspiration for me , i also accepted Elance is full time for me and it gave me wonderful life as well! Now I am working with more than 15 people here.....Great!

Hi All,

I have been working with Esteban on many projects and I must tell you, he is a GEM.

His design skills are excellent and seeing his designs is a real treat for the eyes.

Good luck Esteban!