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Elancer Changes Lives with 'Gratitude' for iPhone

Carla White is an advocate of daily expressions of gratitude and began keeping a gratitude journal last year. She believes that reflecting on her day and jotting down all the thing things she is thankful for has changed her life dramatically – for the better.

Wanting the world to share in her experience, Carla took the concept of a gratitude journal into the iPhone/iTouch world and created a new application available in the iTunes Apps store today – Gratitude.

From an Offline Journal to an iPhone App
Keeping a gratitude journal helped Carla focus on the great things going on in her life, but it wasn’t always easy to carry her journals around with her.

“I wanted to take the best parts of a gratitude journal – the simplicity and ease of use – and add the convenience of mobility,” Carla explained. “My goal wasn’t to make a ton of money by creating this application, but instead, it was to inspire people to record the things they’re thankful for and have fun doing it.”

Creating the App
Before turning to Elance, Carla tried to develop the application herself by attempting to teach herself Cocoa (Apple’s application program environment). “This was a disaster – I was quickly discouraged,” Carla said.

Then came Elance. Carla searched for iPhone application projects on Elance, and was excited to see so many listed and completed by elancers. She posted her iPhone project and quickly received bids. “I was so excited at how quickly the site put me in touch with iPhone developers who could help me build my application.”

“Around that same time, I was reading Tim Ferriss’s, The 4-Hour Work Week, and I realized that I could fully trust an Elance provider to get this project done for me.”

Carla hired Elance provider Passionworks to create the Gratitude iPhone application. “Passionworks was very professional, communicated with me regularly, and was a dream to work with.”

“I felt great when, just a week after the application was completed, people started telling me how great the design was and how well it worked,” Carla said. “People also started sending me their stories – sharing how they’ve always wanted to start a gratitude journal and thanking for me making it so easy.”

“I’m so thankful there’s a place like Elance which allowed me to create my application and share it with the world,” Carla said. “My goal was to get more people to appreciate the great things in their lives and I can say that I’ve successfully achieved that goal by creating Gratitude.”

Ready to add a little Gratitude to your daily life?
Download Gratitude for your iPhone or iTouch and you’ll instantly be able to keep track of all the things you’re thankful for each day.


Very inspiring post! I am thankful that I saw this post today! I am in the same boat. After wondering for several months on how to create a iPhone presence, I discovered eLance and our project is going in full swing now. Our product is due in App Store by end of this month.

I think it's a great idea to remember every day the blessings we have. From personal experience in business with all the stresses, it's easy to forget how lucky most of us are. Got my fingers, got my toes, got my ears, got my nose, and I breathe without the help of a respirator!
Good luck Carla!

I love this app. I bought it a while ago and just used it for the first time last night. It's very easy to use and a nice way of remembering all the good things that happen instead of the frustrations. It really does look amazing and exudes it's own personality while conforming to iPhone conventions.

I've also used Elance to develop iPhone applications (developer name 'Deck of Secrets') but in my case I used Lahabatha to assist with populating the database and reformatting images and logos. Lee Zhou has been a great help and a delight to deal with.

who designed your website

Is it possible to tell us how much it cost (ballpark) and how long it took to get from concept to live on the apps store?