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Elancers Help WebNet Hosting Grow (And Grow).

In the highly-competitive world of web hosting, you need every advantage possible to stand out from the crowd.

For WebNet Hosting of Arlington, Virginia, a big part of their gaining a competitive advantage to attract (and retain) customers is hiring Elancers to lend a hand.WebNet Hosting website

With 14 full-time employees, WebNet Hosting President PJ Taei notes that their team hires Elancers for a variety of positions. “Originally we started with data entry positions and that went very well,” he says. “Then we began looking for more technical positions, including web designers and web developers for our own website and for the websites of our customers who need assistance.”

PJ estimates that Elance has saved WebNet Hosting upwards of $20,000 in the last year alone, plus they’re able to find great candidates for jobs they might not otherwise be able to fill. “Elance has been an excellent solution for finding experts to help us with technical requirements,” he adds. Most recently WebNet Hosting worked with a talented Elancer to develop a dedicated server page to promote their newest offering.  Needless to say, the team was more than happy with the results.

As well as finding top talent quickly, PJ appreciates Elance’s simple-to-use and intuitive user interface, which allows him and his team to easily manage multiple candidates and jobs at one time. He also appreciates how effortless Elance makes tracking the time billed by each freelancer.

If you’re looking for sage advice from a seasoned client on how to best use Elance, here is a great pointer from PJ Taei:

“Post a good job description that thoroughly includes your requirements. Make sure to explain your needs and expectations initially with the freelancer. Manage the contractor just as you would any other worker, as they too need guidance and motivation.”

Today WebNet Hosting continues to grow steadily, providing small and medium sized businesses around the world with various hosting solutions ranging from managed hosting and cloud hosting to dedicated server solutions. They plan on using more and more Elancers in various technical and non-technical positions to tackle opportunities that arise.

“We have multiple positions and requirements that we’re looking to fill with Elance,” PJ points out. Which means it’s going to be another great year for the team at WebNet Hosting.