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We’re taking a good long look at the Elance blog. But more than just adding a fresh coat of paint and planting some sweet-smelling roses, our goal is to make this blog … well … useful. No, indispensable.

Truth be told, jobs are pretty important in our lives. We want this blog to be the go-to place where freelancers and businesses alike learn about getting the most from them. To do so we need your help.

Comment with your feedback on this blog. What have you liked and disliked (yawn). Be brutally honest, we can take it. And if not, there’s a closet full of Kleenex waiting in our storage room. You just tell us what you want to see more of, and less of. Tips on success? Inspirational stories? Industry events? Guest postings? Winning lottery ticket numbers?

In a nutshell, if you could only visit one blog for all online job news, what would you find there? And if you know much about Elance, you know that we listen. So don’t be surprised if your ideas see the light of day.

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Frankly, there's nothing that I "Dislike" about your blog. Elance is very important for me and as such, I take every word published here seriously. If there's one thing that I often wondered about is the difficulty in trying to find that link to send in a pitch for guest posting on your blog. I do read guest posts here often but I never found that link. Perhaps you make it easier to find that link?

Thanks for sharing this great post with us. I read your article it is fabulous and beneficial for my self and many others so keep posting in future too and good work.

I never imagined that the knowledge I have acquired over the years can be translated into something more profitable than the usual pay I get regularly until I started freelance writing. Besides the emotional satisfaction I find through the writing, I also get a good income from it and meet lots of good friends with who I share constructive information.

Elance was introduced to me by my brother in law. I am really glad I found Elance. Elance has made me be a published writer for which without Elance I would have just ended up cooking and watching TV.
I knew I had talents and was passionate about writing, but Elance helped share my talents and earn during my free time without wasting time watching TV. I aspired to become a freelance writer and Elance has helped me reach my goal. Now I am a proud freelance writer on Elance with a very good feedback.
Being a freelancer is all about doing what you enjoy and Elance is the BEST user friendly platform in the world according to my personal experience. I have tried all the freelancing sites and LOVED only Elance. I am saying it from the bottom of my heart, really no one gave me a chance to prove my talents which Elance did. I am addicted to Elance and not a day passes without me signing into my Elance mobile app which I do every 2 hours.

i was thrown into writing by accident ,in my life i never thought i would write. i was left to swim or sink..but with hope ,my body was light enough to avoid the law of gravity.i survived and now i can pretty smile,that am a writer.

Hi Elance team:)
I'd like to see more contests (to win connects, Ipad, travels, you name it.) and a simple way to subscribe to your blog :)
(and that button should be on each page).

Greetings to All,

I was working in a company where I used to get projects from elance for that company. Then I quit from there and started freelancing for me.

It was 2009 when I started on elance. I used to bid on projects but usually get rejected. I kept on trying and then finally got a project this year last month. I earned $6 from my first project and then I earned $85 from my second project. and now I'm looking for more projects. I would get one soon INSHA-ALLAH.

I would like to share my experience here with all which I earned during the tenure of my trials i.e from 2009 to 2012.
I came to know many strange thinking of the employers here.

I'm a Pakistani girl so faced a lot of problems here at elance. Employers simply reject Pakistani freelancers, employers specially from US. They just reject even without discussing or without trying.

And second most important observation was that employers do not hire a new freelancer or the freelancer who does not have a feedback on his/her profile.

I would like to say all of them that don't assume yourself that this person would not be right take a bit risk for the newbies and give them a chance. It might be quite possible that you may find a best person among the fresh people. Moreover I would like to ask all the employers:

How would a new person get experience when you are not willing to give him / her a chance...?
How did you get an experience in the field of job when you entered...?

Obviously someone gave you a chance so that you got to this position where you are today. So think for the new ones as you were also NEW sometime for your employers.

Lastly I would like to request all the employers to think over my outcomes and give a trial to the fresh ones.

Looking forward to have some good prayers from those who read my story.

Sadaf Mehreen

hi sadaf,

Would like to be incontact with you. my username is my skype id and gmail.