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File Under “F” for Fantastic: Introducing Folders.

With the addition of Folders to your My Jobs page, we’re excited to announce that it’s now a breeze keeping your Elance jobs organized.

Folders make it really simple to arrange jobs in whatever method works best for you. Create Folders by project (New Website), date (Q4 '12 Projects), workgroup (Turbo Team) or whatever method-to-your-madness (Wash the Car). Hey, they’re your Folders. Do with them as you wish...
Simply create and name the Folders (get started by clicking the small gray Folder icon near the search box–it turns to green when you select it). Then drag-and-drop a job to a Folder for easy organization. Or, for browsers not yet supporting drag-and-drop, use the pull-down Action Menu to move your job to a Folder.

Now, when you need to find a job fast (as in always), just click on that Folder to quickly see all jobs organized in there. You can also use the My Jobs page search bar to quickly find a Folder or job – simply search for key words, names, tags or other criteria.

Folders are so handy, they’re worth sharing.
Get this – your Folders are also shared with others on the team. Whether it’s hiring managers, co-workers or whoever, they’ll have easy access to your Elance Folders and jobs if they have an account under your main Elance account. Plus to make your life even easier, we’ve also incorporated our popular automatic alerts into the Folders picture. Now when a task needs your immediate attention, you’ll see an eye-catching alert next to your Folder.

So start making Folders today and keep your jobs close-at-hand and well-organized.



I really appreciate this feature. But I like to request Elance to make it available to other than Admin also. As I am not the administrator of the account I use therefore I could not use the fantastic feature :(

Aswani Kumar Singh
Blog: http://aswanikrsingh.wordpress.com/

why dont you banned synapse india from elance dont you see the clients problem there?

synapse india has been harrashing their clients. dont you think?

We have few account managers in our company. It could be great to add to My Jobs page the filter, which can divide projects of every manager.