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Free Guide: How To Hire A Developer.

Sure, if you have a really strong technical background (or have been around the block when it comes to programming projects), hiring a developer is simple. You know what’s needed for the job and how to hire a programmer with the perfect skills and experience. Done. Have a cup of coffee, then back to work doing your own job.

But for many of us, determining how to hire a coder can be problematic. If this includes you, the simple fact is that you’re probably not even sure where to begin? Especially given so many technical issues you have to consider. That’s why Elance has created a hiring resource center for answeriFree How To Hire A Developer Guideng your questions on hiring developers and helping you to more easily locate the ideal coder.

Begin by downloading a free guide: How To Hire A Developer.

Among the many resources you’ll find in our resource center is a valuable “how to” guide that outlines the strategies and tips for hiring a developer. Download your copy of How To Hire A Developer for advice that’s sure to save you time and money, plus help you get the job done right.

The comprehensive guide covers the entire process – from scoping your project to finding and hiring a programmer – including:

• What kind of developer you should hire (PHP developer, iPhone developer, etc.)

• Recruitment strategies

• Choosing the right candidate

• How Elance can help you succeed

Within the pages you’ll discover 5 winning strategies for every step you’ll go through when you hire a coder, whether you need to hire a mobile programmer, web developer or whatever. This includes eye-opening info such as the cost of a bad hire, top 10 mistakes often made when hiring a developer, good hires vs. bad hires and more.

You’ll also learn when hiring online freelancers make the most sense, and what advantages Elancers offer vs. full-time staff or offline hires. Topics covered include more easily surfacing the best talent through online feedback and ratings, faster time to completion, getting more from your budget, and higher quality of work through teams with specialized talent.

Plus the free guide is just one tool you’ll find in the resource center. There’s also a guide for hiring a mobile developer and guide for hiring an iPhone developer, as well as videos and webinars, white papers, related articles and other documents to help take the trial and error out of hiring a programmer. Get started by getting How To Hire A Developer.

Freelancers who want to drop a subtle hint (you?), may want to let potential clients know about this free guide too. It’s sure to give them food for thought on how you can help them grow their business.

We’ll also be creating more hiring guides and updating these guides. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see included in the guides, please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks!


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