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Greetings From Oslo, Norway.

Every so often, someone invariably asks us, “Why? Why Oslo?” Yes, inquiring minds want to know why, of all cities, Oslo, Norway is the location of our first European office. After all, Europe is teeming with major economic centers (see: London, Berlin and Geneva to name a few). To which we smile and calmly reply, “Enkelt, fordi Oslo er egalitære...” (Translation: Easy, because Oslo is egalitarian…).

The fact is, when you’re blazing new trails to make work accessible to anyone, anywhere, what better place to center your European activities than a city where freedom and equality is paramount? That’s what Elance is all about. In case you don’t know, Oslo is a dynamic and modern melting pot of different backgrounds (with a 30% immigrant population) and cultures (with a focus on social fairness and open-mindedness across the board).

There is also a tremendous devotion to equal rights in Oslo, as evidenced by business women who are highly-respected and receive equal pay and promotions. Ditto for its great economic and class equality, with most Oslo inhabitants enjoying a uniform (and extremely high) standard of living. The people of Oslo are also highly-educated and skilled, which correlates directly to everything we do here at Elance. And they’re passionate about that all-important work/life balance, including offering parents a full year of paid paternity leave (which can be split between the mother and father).

And how about this: Transparency is key in Oslo – with public access to all salary and tax information for every resident. That’s the sort of openness Elance works so hard to give freelancers and businesses who use our platform. They also like to walk a lot in Oslo, which is really cool … although it has nothing to do with Elance. And if you’re there don’t forget to try the pickled herring (sursild). It’s ridiculously good when fresh.

Oh, Oslo is a beautiful town too, as you can see from the photo – taken early morning outside the entrance to Elance’s office at Fornebu.

Elance Europe HQ

So that’s why Elance is in Oslo, and why we love the city so much. If anyone asks, let them know too.


Good to know about Elance expansion both online and physically at Oslo and hope for opening offices in other major regions as well.

Nice.. Hope one day ... I can come.

its so good

its so good.


Superb!. Congratz for being in Oslo

This is really cool! You are doing great thins for people, who don't want to be in office. I hope to see your office in Lviv(Ukraine) Why not? It is a big city with lot IT people )

Hay! The experts say my name Rohn Engh, (Engh) means Meadow in Norwegian. Were they correct?