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Group Hug! New Authorize.Net Group Debuts.

Great news for payment groupies everywhere: Our ever-expanding list of available Elance groups has now expanded to include the Authorize.Net Certified Developers Group.

Officially-sponsored by Authorize.Net, this group is sure to become the go-to list for businesses seeking skilled workers for payment-related projects. In case you’re unfamiliar, Authorize.Net is one of the leading payment gateways – allowing merchants to securely accept credit card and electronic check payments anywhere they want, including on websites, via mobile devices and at brick and mortar retail stores. And since we all love getting paid, the work they do is having incredible impact around the world. In addition to its Certification program, Authorize.Net offers an Affiliate program which offers generous residual payments for merchant leads.Authorize.Net Certified Developers Group

If you have mad skills working on Authorize.Net projects, join the group. And if you’re a business looking for top freelancers to tackle payment projects, you know where to find them. A warm welcome to all involved.


Hi there Darrellj,

Wonder if you could point me in the right direction in order to create a Marketing or Internet Marketing group on Elance.
We are over 30K marketers in Elance and we don't have one single Marketing group.

It would be great to know what are the steps and requirements in order to start such a group of find whoever meets these requirements in order to get the group sponsored.

Thank you! Yosu Cadilla.