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Guest Blog Post: Co-Working Freelancers Take Surfing The Web To Heart.

Occasionally we invite professionals to wax poetic about issues of importance to the Elance community. Here are some thoughts from Amanda Gray, a big Elance fan and writer at deskmag.com. Today she’s discussing a fun co-working opportunity off the coast of Spain.


These days, being your own boss is easier than ever. There are now countless online portals offering freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs the chance to connect, find jobs and build a strong digital network. Elance, one of the leading freelance portals has grown substantially since its launch in 1999, now boasting 2.5 million registered freelance professionals.

Yet, with so many jobs popping up by the day, when will there be time to take a break? Freelancers are known for working around the clock, their work hours melting into their free time, eventually blurring the line between deadlines and leisure.  

If only you could finish up your work and simply walk outside to a beautiful seaside view. Well, now you can.

Along the coast of Gran Canaria, you will find a freelancing paradise: The Surf Office.

Built on a foundation of a passion for surfing and the need to get work done, Michal Kostal and his co-founder can offer you the most productive holiday you can take.

The Surf Office is fairly priced, with a fixed price of 300 Euro per week. The fee comprises accommodation and workspace.  Surfing lessons for beginner or surf board rentals for experienced surfers can be arranged based on request.

“We would like to achieve a balance for people who are coming from a coworking environment, and also for those employees who are simply feeling burnt-out, ” Kostal recently told Deskmag, the Berlin based magazine dedicated to the coworking movement.

A pop-up coworking paradise is perfect for Elance users, since it gives them a chance to relax, but also to interact with likeminded people, who could be potential business partners while you’re on the island or even in the future.

So pack your bags and get to the beachside to send out some proposals for projects and ride a few waves. Gran Canaria is a touristic destination, but the capital city (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) is quieter, since most of the tourists are on the other part of the island. There is also the chance to enjoy the laid back vibrant nightlife when you really need to have a night out.

 “Our project is perfect for individual freelancers or startup groups who are looking to work on a project for a certain period of time,” explained Kostal. And what better way to gain inspiration then is combining the philosophy of coworking with a unique environment.


Nice idea

Oh my gosh! That sounds amazing! Which there was more of those!

Its just awesome, being my own Boss.

Thanks to Elance.

I wish to be with them ! It's really amazing.
Thanks for sharing.

A nice idea, but the cost too high; especially for Spain! Bring it down, Michal

Perfect place to relax and work....how I wish .....

So for 300 E a week, I get a place to stay and all the internet time I need 24/7? On the beach? In Spain? That's a great deal. A a great idea.