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Happy International Freelancers Day! Here’s How to Kick-Up Your Heels and Celebrate.

Hey, it’s officially Friday, September 21st in the world. Which means International Freelancers Day is here. Woo-hoo! While there won’t be cake and ice cream for everyone (Boo-hoo!), there will be a world of activities happening all day long.

Start by visiting the International Freelancers Day website. Among other things you’ll find 13 free webinars beginning at 10:00 am (Eastern time) and running throughout the day. The list of topics and presenters is pretty inspiring.

Speaking of inspiration, inspire us with your story and win great prizes.

Elance is celebrating International Freelancers Day in a big way too. We’re having a fun contest, pulling together stories of how freelancing has changed the way people work and live. Check out our contest and see how you can win great prizes like an Apple iPad 3, Kindle Fire HD and gift certificates from iTunes and Amazon. Plus everyone entering wins free Connects from Elance!

Take a look at some inspiring stories we’ve received so far in our contest. Yes the bar is high, but chances are your story is equally encouraging. So submit your story today.


HI i am MD SALAH UDDIN, Designer
From Bangladesh

Recently completed my post graduation (Sub: Botany ). My family depend only agriculture, Now i want some think can do to support my family. Job crises , Gov job maintenance all political lidder. others privet job not match my qualification. Have some medicine & others marketing job but this is so challenging, salary is too low. I have two years experience graphics design work. I read newspaper freelancing in Bangladesh. Successful freelancer story published newspaper & i read those article. Many young are working Elance, odesk, freelancer, vworker and many others site. Then i decide , i can do freelancing work. Then discuss some freelancer they inspire me and good support me , how to working. Also inform me working with Elance.

I am new in Elance, But experience designer. So i think i must build my freelancing career with Elance if elance team support me.
This is my promises in International Freelancers Day.

Happy freelancer's day

Freelancing. Oh, the very word is a pleasure when you’ve been stuck in an office for 30 years until sudden redundancy released you from the drudgery and thanklessness of employed work.

I can honestly say redundancy was the best thing that ever happened to me. Yes, the regular salary was gone and the comfort blanket rudely whipped away, but what replaced it is testament to that fact that everyone really should see redundancy as an opportunity to do what they really want to do and that everyone can do something with their skills and still pay the bills no matter where your work location is.

Freelancing is where my heart is. Working from home is where my heart is. Not because I have a young family that needs me around a lot of the time, because I don’t. And not because of the endless errands that a girl always seems to need to run and never gets a chance to run when she’s working nine to six away from home.

No, because the effort of commuting to an office day in, day out, negotiating the public transport system that comes with city living and city working, made me feel like I’d done a day’s work before I even got to sit at my desk in the morning. And then when I sat down it was all about pleasing other people and making money for other people. I wanted to please myself and make money for myself. And that’s exactly what I am doing now.

There’s no doubt that freelancing is the future – for both clients and employees – and there’s no reason why it can’t work perfectly for both. It’s a perfect marriage.

What freelancing is: Freedom, happiness, contentment, empowerment, inspirational, tough, and at times scary – why didn’t that person want me for that job? Don’t they know I have bills to pay and I NEED this work?!

What freelancing isn’t: Routine, thankless, boring, drudgery, draining – or easy. Don’t kid yourself. This isn’t a walk in the park. You have to be prepared to work hard and though you’re not in an office answering to your old boss you’re still answering to your ‘virtual’ boss.

It’s not going to work if you’re looking for easy money. It’s not going to work if you’re a slacker. It’s not going to work if you can’t communicate effectively with people, particularly in writing. It’s not going to work if you’re not honest and scrupulous in all your business dealings. It’s not going to work if you let people down – you only need to do it once to ruin your business. It’s not going to work if you’re not prepared to go that extra mile – two miles, three miles, whatever - for your client, even if that means cancelling that appointment to go out tonight, girls.

Sorry, your client comes first. This is your job. This is your reputation. This is your priority. When you come at it from that perspective you will not just survive but like me you will thrive, succeed and expand. You’ll get out of freelancing what you put into it. I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked but am I loving it? You bet! Freelancing is a great life!

Thanks Sarah , Thanks a lot. More inspire me to working.............Thanks

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. E-lance is an enhancement to this ability of a human being. Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable and priceless thing for others to offer you. At E-lance I am gaining from both hands, experience from the clients and generating income. This is what affects me about E-lance.
E-lance makes an individual to answer himself that how much worth he has.

Vikkar Rana

Fourteen years ago I had no idea that the world of freelancing even existed! At the time, I had been working for a local staffing agency in a small town in Ohio. “The Internet” was a brand new concept and not readily available. I assumed those working remotely referred to astronauts on space missions or environmental researchers assigned to work in Antarctica. I didn’t know many people working from home and assumed this only happened in big cities...Thankfully, we no longer dial-up the Internet and my thinking (and likely most people’s thinking) regarding new technology and creative work arrangements has come a long way.

The agency I worked for all those years ago could not afford to allow me to take a long maternity leave following the birth of my son. So, I returned to work when he was just a few weeks old and dreaded every moment. I cried each day I dropped my baby off with the sitter. I convinced myself that millions of parents work full-time and I could too. My heart knew the truth. I wanted more...a balanced life, a rewarding career, and most of all more time with my son. I wanted it all, just didn’t have a clue where I could find it.

A few years later I had a second son and I could not even begin to imagine how hard it would be to leave two kids! I decided I would meet with my boss to explain my struggles and ask for a more flexible schedule. I was hopeful my boss would agree to my “take it or leave it” proposal, but, despite my top ranking sales status, he chose to “leave it” and ME sitting at the table alone wondering what I would do next now that I was freshly unemployed.

After a few hours of panic, I decided to see if I could find what I wanted out of a career and life. Search after search on my dial-up modem pulled up elance.com. I was awarded my first project within hours of signing up and the rest is history! I have happily served as freelancer working on elance and my own since 2001. I have billed over six figures on elance alone and the projects keep coming! Beginning a freelance career allowed me to merge my education (BA in English) with my human resources field experiences to offer resume writing services. All these years later I still feel a bit guilty when charging my clients to assist them since I enjoy my job so much (important note... I am worth the fee just really feel fortunate to not dread the task).

Like anything new, establishing myself as a freelacer took time and effort. There were times it was not always easy to be solo and in charge of running your own business and maintaining disciple with a schedule. I recall being so excited to be home that I jumped at a chance to meet a friend for lunch which turned into shopping and resulted in my need to work at 3am. It was an adjustment not having co-workers to lean on or collaborate with and it wasn’t (and still isn’t) always easy to resist invites for play dates. But, I worked hard with my goal of more balance in mind and it paid off. Elance has continuously refined their site over the years offering buyers and sellers with the latest technology and services. I have appreciated the support and never feel “alone”.

My oldest son was 3 years old when I started with elance and my second son was just a newborn. They are now in high school and middle school. I have continued to freelance using elance as one of my primary sources of revenue. While I don’t need the daytime flexibility since my kids are in school full time, I have appreciated being able to see them off in the morning and love being the first one to greet them at the end of their school day. Being able to work from a home office gave me the chance to volunteer more, start dinner earlier, drive my kids to activities, and so much more. I have deadlines and work hard and sometime long hours, but I am my own boss and dictate my own goals and expectations with family being most important.

A few years ago I realized just how much it meant to be able to put family ahead of work. My mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at just 63 years old. I immediately reduced my hours and adjusted my schedule to allow more time to spend time with her and assist in providing the 24-hour care that she eventually needed. Having worked on elance for many years prior I had established a solid track record with hundreds of positive elance reviews. The review system enabled me to gain buyer confidence even when I needed extra time to complete work due to challenging family demands.

All of the benefits of freelancing are even more appreciated for my family these days as my husband and I welcomed baby #3 in January. Our daughter, like her brothers, shares my office and I would have it no other way. Elance gave me the confidence to follow my dream of establishing a balance that has me greeting each new work day with a smile. I love my job and I love being home with my kids. Thanks to elance, I now can have both. I feel blessed to have found a company dedicated to matching talented service providers with verified buyers to facilitate millions of mutually beneficial business transactions across the globe! Happy International Freelancers Day to all! Cheers to the best bosses in the world. If you will excuse me, I must go back to work in my comfy office wearing my most comfortable clothes as I listen to my baby hum a tune and smell the aroma of my dinner simmering on the stove. Thank you elenace... my life and my family’s life is forever changed because of your company.

I have submitted an account of my experiences via my facebook account although as it is not linked to my Elance account you wont know it is me. I think this is a good promotion and I am happy to PM/email you my FB details if needed.

Elance is easy to navigate and I think better than other freelance programs. Although, it is not a professional platform but could help to be engaged with many professions. Job descriptions here are selective and precise. As a learner, I am waiting to have better response. Thank you.

I have worked in several freelancing marketplace. After building high profile there, I have told by one of my friend to join Elance. After coming here, I am overwhelmed by the service of Elance. No doubt, Elance is the BEST freelancing marketplace on the planet.

Its best for us to avoid working on software firms here in Bangladesh because of the low start up salary (very few are exceptional) and other services. I would love to suggest anyone to come Elance and experience the beauty of it.

Happy Freelancing Day... :)