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Hey Business Owners, Got A Great Story To Tell? We’re All Ears.

As we travel around this big ol’ world of ours attending various events, businesses invariably tap us on the shoulder to say “hello” and to share their stories of using Elance.

Their chronicles are often inspiring and heartfelt, filled with tales of overcoming obstacles to triumph and succeed. Well, we thought it would be great to share some of these stories with other businesses too (let’s be honest, who doesn’t like an inspiring story?).

Tell us your story. We’ll share it with others in our Inspiration Center.

Just shoot us an email at testimonials@elance.com (in the subject line, please include “My Story: (your name or brief description)” so we’ll be sure to prioritize it).

We would love to hear your anecdotes as a business using Elance, bringing to life how online work has helped you achieve more. Regardless of where you live, or your line of work, we want others to read what’s possible with a little perseverance and a good team behind you.

So inspire us!

P.S. - Oh, and if you’re a freelancer and have a great story, share it too. We’ll also be highlighting how you’re able to find work and enjoy a more rewarding life.


It would be great to read some really inspiring stories regarding this. I would love to read them and get inspired to work.
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