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Hey Businesses, What’s On Your Mayan Calendar Bucket List?

If the Mayan doomsday predictors are correct (and hey, they were right about Facebook stock…), then the world will end sometime tomorrow.


2013 was shaping up to be a great year. Especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs who were slated to grow at epic proportions -- thanks in part to all the great freelance talent out there.Mayan Calendar

It’s especially bad news for companies out there who have half-finished business on the table. What if centuries from now, inter-galactic travelers combing through our crumbled universe find the remains of planet Earth? And your company details are somehow salvaged, and put on display in a historical museum on a planet with a name too long to fit in a blog (just like domain names today, eventually they’ll start running out of planet names).

Pretty tough legacy to leave, eh? That’s why you might want to start thinking about some projects to get underway ASAP. Just think of all the quick jobs you could tackle immediately -- and have your company’s star burn a little brighter in centuries to come.

Here are pithy suggestions for things to cross off your Mayan Calendar bucket list:

1. Find a writer to immortalize your business. Tighten-up your messaging to explain why you were destined for eternal greatness.

2. Find a translator to put your messaging into multiple tongues. Who knows what languages they’ll be speaking in the 43rd century?

3. Find a programmer to put your message in computer languages, because you can’t necessarily count on people communicating through words.

4. Find a mobile app developer to fortify your message in the cloud. The more options you have out there, the better your chance of everlasting fame.

And who knows, maybe the Mayan prognosticators will be mistaken again (they were wrong about Google stock). If the day of reckoning fizzles out, you’ll still have projects in progress that are sure to put your business on the way to immortality in our time. All you have to do is post your job to set the wheels in motion. With any luck, the rewards will long-lasting.



no the world is not ending on 21 i m sure and believe in ALLAH

Let's celebrate so-called Doomsday, lol

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west still .gosh

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