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Hiring on Elance: 10 Elance Features for Businesses

At Elance, we hire a lot of contractors through our platform to help run the business. We take advantage of all the great features available to businesses like yours and thought we could highlight some in case you’re not already familiar with them. See if you’re acquainted with all of these features; if you aren’t using them already, take a look! We think you’ll enjoy the benefits they have to offer.

1. Hire contractors by the hour and get protection with our hourly work guarantee

Fixed price work makes sense for many jobs, but some projects are better managed on an hourly basis. Sometimes you need the flexibility to determine how much your contractor will work on a weekly basis. With hourly jobs, you can still have full control over your budget by setting weekly maximums.

We have invested in tools to give you confidence in managing hourly work online. With our Work View™ technology, you can view and comment on screenshots of the work at any time and review and approve timesheets weekly. Simply ask your contractor to download Work View, and the software will automatically take screenshots while the contractor is working and upload them to your workroom. By using Work View, you and your contractor are covered by the Elance Hourly Work Guarantee, so be sure to take advantage of this feature for all of your hourly projects. Learn More.

2. Free Escrow service to ensure your money is safe

Our Escrow feature is a fan favorite on Elance, for both clients and contractors. Businesses need to know that their money is protected, and Escrow provides that security. If you’re not familiar with the service, here’s the quick rundown. A client and contractor agree on the work to be done and set check points (called milestones). The client puts money into an Elance Escrow account where it is held until the client approves the work. Once a contractor fulfills a milestone that is approved by the client, Elance releases the money to the contractor on the client’s behalf. It’s a great peace of mind that you get using Elance. Learn More.

3. Use Elance as your directory for local talent

There may be times you want to hire local contractors or experts from certain geographies. Elance is your place for both local and global talent; there are contractors in your neighborhood that have profiles on Elance. If you want to post a job with a location preference, simply choose this option on the job post form. You can drill down on country, city and even zip code in the US. While you may still receive proposals from contractors outside of your preferred location, you can still find the perfect contractor for your project.

4. Conduct interviews with contractors to get input on your job

Who says the online world has to be less “human”? Oftentimes, hiring needs to be more personal and Elance makes it easy for you to talk to contractors. At Elance, we often post jobs and then use the available Elance tools – message, call or video chat – to interview our contractors. The best contractors ask great questions and provide feedback on our job posts, and this can help us define the scope of the project more clearly, get new ideas and ensure a productive working relationship. Elance tools (check out our video chat app so you can see contractors across the world!) make it quick and easy to communicate without leaving the Elance platform. Learn More

5. Use job templates to do the heavy lifting for your job description

Preparing a job post is easy when you know exactly what you want and what information is going to lead to the best results. We’ve collected feedback from clients and contractors on what information is critical in a job description and we’ve added these details to our job templates. These templates pre-populate appropriate information and generate more relevant fields for you to fill in. Use them as your jumping off point. (Also, see our point above, talk to contractors to help you iron out details and answers questions.) We think they’ll save you a ton of time and will help you further in getting the job results you’re looking for.

6. Rehire in one click

Over time, you may have developed a distinct team of contractors on Elance that you regularly work with (your “virtual team”). You need an easy way to re-hire your contractors when needed. Now, you can simply go to your old job and the “rehire” option is featured prominently under the title. Alternatively, you can find the contractor in your “My Contractors” tab. Learn More.

7. Extract details on your Elance activity with analytics tools

Get the most from your data with our analytics tools. We now offer a free tool that lets you see your Elance activity instantly (no need to download data or create graphs in Excel). You can view spend history and trends by both jobs and contractors over the date range of your choice. It’s a quick and dynamic way to see how you’re using Elance. Learn More.

8. Control account access for multiple colleagues and contractors

Many of you have multiple colleagues at your business using Elance. You need the ability to manage these users and define account access differently. With Elance, it’s easy. Just go to your settings and click to assign a colleague one of four roles – from having completely authority to hire, manage and pay to limited access to manage day-to-day activity. You’ll notice we recently added a “Recruiter” role – someone who can manage day-to-day activity but can’t take financial or contractual-related actions. Learn More.

9. Boost confidence with Elance ID verification for contractors

We’re always working on ways to increase transparency, trust and quality so you can make better informed, more confident decisions as a client. We recently began offering free ID verification service for all contractors. You’ll begin to notice ID verification badges on contractors profiles and proposals - it’s one more indication that contractors are who they are who they say they are. Learn More.

10. Access Elance on-the-go

We recently launched a mobile site to give you access to Elance wherever you are so you can find new talent and get work done on-the-go. The site gives you fast and easy access to your Inbox, My Jobs page and Workrooms so you can post, read and review messages on your mobile. We recently added the ability to make payments directly from the mobile site. Now, when using your phone, paying your Contractor is just seconds away. Visit www.elance.com from your smartphone browser to access the new mobile site. Learn More.



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