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Hiring freelancers for your social media projects.

Occasionally we invite professionals to wax poetic about issues of importance to Elance clients in general and startups in particular. Here are some thoughts from Carlo Pandian, a big Elance fan and successful entrepreneur.


Practically every guide to social media marketing guide will assure its readers that quality content is the single most important key to success. That’s great news if you have within your team the talent to implement this sound advice, but if not then the requisite know-how will have to be ensured utilizing independent contractors.

In-house or not in-house.

There are advantages and drawbacks to using remote workers for the web content provision.

While you will find many great freelancers on Elance, you will have to be sure they have the necessary experience and knowledge of your niche industry to produce anything other than generic content.

The talent in that case may require some tracking down, or else you can train in-house resources, which will take time...and money.

Integration with existing systems, security risks, knowledge transfer and management issues are other areas you’ll have to give some thought to. Using accounting software such as the QuickBooks from Intuit will help smooth out some of the cash flow issues when an outsourcing option is implemented.

Main benefits:

  • By hiring skilled online social media experts you’ll be assured of top quality, on-time content and will be able to manage your project more effectively than if you have to rely on in-house talent which may not be up to the challenge.
  • You’ll also be able to hire expert video, illustrators, copy and infographics providers only when you require them, so you won’t have to pay for a permanent content provider even when there’s no work going on.
  • In terms of the online market and big competition, smaller niche companies are able to exert effective leverage when they outsource to professional content providers. They’ll also be able to concentrate more on customer satisfaction once production has been transferred out.


Business owners should assess the relative merits of various outsourcing companies before hiring them, as it is crucial to identify the services on offer before engaging. You need them to be able to create original, fresh and often innovative content which is targeted specifically at your market audience.

The proficiency levels of writers and image manipulators can be checked on by giving them sample tests before responsibility for the project is handed over. Before hiring a particular company for the task in hand, carry out some preliminary research and consultations. Take a good look through their portfolio and read some client reviews of previous projects they’ve been involved with.

You may even choose to hire the social media services of more than one specialist provider, depending on the volumes of content you need and whether it will be on a regular basis.

In terms of internet marketing strategies, web content is absolutely critical. Without effective content, businesses have no means of attracting the all-important search engines and generating the necessary web traffic.


About Carlo:
Carlo Pandian is a freelance blogger that is interested in social media, start-ups and freelancing. He is a regular contributor at Techli and loves writing about how small businesses can share great web content thanks to services like Elance.



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That is very true quality of your content is the key to success. Whatever your job is and your project is the content of your website should be unique, useful and meaningful.

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I always find it difficult that we have to work so hard to persuade companies to employ professional freelancers for their online content provision. One of the reasons for this is that so many individuals are still willing to apply and complete poorly paid jobs (of which unfortunately there are too many on Elance). The result is often below par standard work.

I have pride in my work and ensure I deliver well researched and unique content, which takes time. And for that effort I ask to be paid a reward that is worthy of my work. If a company outsources their accountancy to an outside firm, they will happily pay the rates asked. A writer is no different, operating a contractual company.

I thank the enlightened and hope that one day more and more businesses catch on to using freelance writers in their marketing strategies. Maybe then a fair pay scale will be adopted. equestrianwriter.co.uk