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Location, Location, Location: 2 New Features Make It Easier for Freelancers to Pinpoint Ideal Jobs.

Elance is making it easier for freelancers to narrow down job options and find perfect opportunities.

In doing so, we’re excited to announce that the Preferred Candidate Location is now listed in your job search results. Plus you now have the option to use a new filter: Job Location. Here are some brief details on each.

Now see the client’s Preferred Candidate Location in your job search results.

You don’t have to click into a job post to see if a client prefers freelancers in your location. Simply browse results from your initial job search, and in the bottom right-hand corner of each listing you’ll see if the client has made a preference in their job post. This will save you time (and Connects?) as you’ll instantly know whether or not you match the preferred location.

New Job Location filter allows freelancers to search jobs by location.

Now freelancers have the option of narrowing the list of jobs they search for. This time-saving new filter lets you specify jobs by Region (such as Western Europe or Eastern Asia), Country, or a Specific Location (such as Sydney, Australia). For job searches in the United States you can further filter by State, City or even Zip Code.

The job search results will deliver results based on client’s preferred candidate location (which they can specify in their job post). If no preference has been selected in job posts, we’ll look at the client’s location as specified in their Elance account settings.

Be sure to check out these 2 new features.

We’re sure these new additions will make it easier to get the jobs you want. And rest assured we’ll keep working hard to make great things happen as you continue to Work Differently on Elance. So keep an eye out as we’ll be rolling out more and more new features to the Elance platform this summer and in the weeks and months to come. Enjoy.


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This is a great tool and I'll use it. Any way elance can add a way to upload a script of various keywords to search for jobs so that I don't have to type them in each time?


I was looking forward to see this filter! Now I can select job preferences by location!!! It's perfect!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!

very east to search job to specific location, Thanks to Elance Team :)

Now that is a very cool feature added and also convenient to perform local searches by default. A long awaited feature finally in the bags. music Instrument rent