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Love? Some Days You Just Gotta Work At It.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Elance.

We’re always tickled pink to hear stories about Elancers who not only love their work, but also find true love while working on Elance. Check-out some pillow talk from our Facebook page.

But for every passionate story of someone falling madly-deeply in love through Elance, there are a thousand (million?) stories that are equally heart-warming. We’re speaking about how Elance helps families spend more time together. Here are a few of the many Elancers who Work Differently and are sharing the love on our Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who shared their sentiments. You really make us feel loved.

















Well said, one and all, well said.

Although the holiday itself isn’t celebrated universally, the sentiment certainly is. And it’s wonderful to hear so many stories of Elance, and the true definition of a labor of love. Enjoy your day.


As a service provider I am enjoying working from home and always with my wife, lovely daughters and my little champ is very productive. I love you Elance.