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Love, Whiskey and Elance-oDesk

Here’s another post from our roving reporter, Joshua Rodriguez.

Last weekend, I decided to take my fiancé out for a night downtown. It was an amazing night that included 3-D glow in the dark put-put golf, an arcade, and a nice meal. While we were walking downtown we were thinking of where we were going to eat. We walked past a few food carts and one of them really caught our eye.
It was called Love & Whiskey. We stopped in and although the owners were there, the cart hadn’t officially opened yet. We had a great conversation with the owners and they agreed to do an interview with me on their opening day. So, today we’re going to talk about the inspiration behind Love & Whiskey, the journey it took for their food cart to come alive, and how one Elance contractor played a major role in their branding. Here’s how the interview went.
I started out with the classic question, “Why did you decide to open a food cart instead of a brick and mortar location?” The answer really caught me off guard. I assumed that it would be associated with how much a brick and mortar restaurant costs to start. Instead, Brandon, the owner explained that “since it’s a small operation, we have the ability to put a lot more love into our food. We’d also like to get a mobile catering business going one day; so, we figured a food cart would be a perfect first step!”
The birth of a wonderful business (and more)
After that question, we chatted for a little while and I learned that the lady by his side in the cart wasn’t just a co-worker, she was his wife. Brandon and Jadie met in culinary school, and it was there where they fell in love and started to come up with big plans for their future. Today, they’re married and have a 6 month old baby girl. Throughout the last several years, Brandon had worked as a cook at several different restaurants. However, there came a point where he realized that holding his day job as a cook took far too much time away from his family. So, his dream became to open a business he could call his own in order to provide for his family while still being able to be part of their lives.
At one point in the conversation, I asked him what his signature dish was. He replied with “All of them”. He went on to explain that everything he makes is made with love and made in house. Brandon and Jadie even cure the bacon, pickle the red onion, and make the sauces all on their own! He also told me that they make it a point to reach for perfection in all of the dishes they create. So, they are all equally perfect!
Then again he’s the chef, he’s going to say that right? Well guess what…I got to try some of the food! During our visit, Jadie started us off with a fish taco. It was made with a corn tortilla, fresh snapper, Napa cabbage slaw, mango habanero pico de gallo, pickled red onion and more! I’ve got to say, it was absolutely amazing! Next, Jadie served me a fresh Frisco Burger. It was a fresh burger topped with fried jalapeno, Tillamook cheddar, chipotle ole, house sauce, tomato, and butter sauce. The burger was also absolutely amazing!
The Elance connection
After the food, one of my favorite questions came up. “Have you ever heard of Elance?” Brandon’s eyes lit up as he told me that he wanted to make sure that the branding for his food cart was done perfectly. He wasn’t sure who to hire or what to do when it came time to have his logo designed. So, he went on an online search. That’s where he found Elance. An Elance contractor helped him through the process of designing the simple, yet perfect logo; and he plans to reach out to Elance contractors for future design or development jobs!
To keep up with the theme of Love & Whiskey, I decided to bring a gift when I went to meet him. To ring in our new found friendship, I brought along a small bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. I offered a toast and Brandon and Jadie were happy to oblige. 
After the toast, I asked the final question…”So what is the idea behind love and whiskey?” In the smiley, fun manner he generally responded to questions with, he said “Mostly because it took a lot of love and whisky over the last couple of years to get here!” and let off a chuckle. He went on to explain …”Me and my wife are a team that runs off of love. We also like to incorporate a lot of whiskey and bourbon into our food. The name just seemed to fit!” 
Final thoughts
After meeting Brandon and Jadie, I can honestly say it was a pleasure getting the opportunity to get to know them. With bubbly, fun loving personalities, amazing recipes, and signs of love everywhere (even on their door into their kitchen), I’m sure they’re going to go far! It was nice to see Brandon’s face when he was talking about having the ability to spend time with his family; as well as watch how well Jadie and Brandon worked together from behind the scenes (The interview was at 12:30pm on Wednesday in Downtown Portland, OR). I also think that it was awesome that an Elance contractor helped them come up with a logo design that worked well for them. I wish them all the best!


Great story, more and more Elance are changing our life, who knows maybe one day we will help Brandon and Jadie to design a bigger restaurant.

Great story, more and more Elance are changing our life.
we are trying to get more and more opportunity from Elance.

This is a great story! I have done well as an Elance freelancer and it just thrills me to no end to see other people benefiting from the amazing pools of talent that it holds. I never knew what I was worth until, through Elance, I became the master of my career instead of just another cog-in-someone-elses-wheel. Again, wonderful article.

Elance has provided a safe, well-run environment within which to seek work. I'm very happy I found Elance.

this is very very great story.. really i am impress.. i like you man...

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