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Memo to Marissa: It’s A-OK to WFH.

In case you missed the latest hoopla, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has gotten herself in a wee-bit of hot water from a recently-leaked memo. See story

The note, issued through the company’s HR Department, explains that beginning this summer Yahoo!’s over 11,500 employees can no longer work from home. Period.

Even if the cable guy is coming!

This includes not only staffers near the Yahoo! HQ who WFH in their plaid pajamas on the occasional Fridays, but also employees who live hundreds of miles from the nearest Yahoo! office. Which means these workers will have to unplug their modems and relocate to a new city just to keep their jobs.Hapiness for freelancers

And, after all this turmoil and expense, these Yahoos won’t even be able to get cable TV. Because who’s going to be there to let the cable guy in? Yes, we’re talking about the fall of civilization here.

But in all seriousness, needless to say, the backlash has been swift. Since we’re not one to swoop down on a person when they’re having a tough go of it, we would simply like to let Marissa know that, thank you very much, working from home works.

If you’re reading this Marissa, rest assured that freelancers and businesses alike on Elance are quite happy with the whole online working arrangement. In fact, our own studies (and many, many other studies) prove that people who work from home are happier, more productive and do a better job. Just browse our most-recent global business survey or global freelancer survey for a quick glimpse of the future of work. You’ll see why people at Elance Work Differently and how it enhances their lives and livelihood.

Ironically, Maynard Webb recently wrote about this very subject in his book Rebooting Work. Why is this ironic? Because Maynard sits on the Yahoo! Board of Directors.

Hmmm? Maybe with so much happening at Yahoo! it’s hard for Marissa to hear what’s coming through loud and clear to the rest of us. Online work is here to stay, so enjoy it and embrace it.

Thanks for listening Marissa. Have a nice day, and feel free to WFH tomorrow. You deserve it.



Her decision is FINE for Yahoo! It was much needed. We Elancers like to work from home but Yahoo! should not allow WFM.