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New! Infographic Illustrates Key Takeaways of Latest Global Online Employment Report.

Elance’s latest Global Online Employment Report is out, and the results couldn’t be better for businesses or freelancers. There’s a plethora of talented Elancers ready to work (particularly among those with high-demand STEM skills), and clients are hiring and paying freelancers at record pace.

To bring the report to life, we created an engaging infographic:Elance Global Online Employment Report

Great news, eh? For more details, check out the full Global Online Employment Report.

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I earned a lot from Elance in my free time by doing part time...........................

My Heartly Congralutions to Elance Team

What a great platform Elance is!

Apart from earning good money, I have also earned good skills, ranks and clients. I have left my job and doing full time e-lancing with a team of 6 developers.

Thanks for being there 24/7.

Umar Niazi

Elance has totally changed me life! I quit my full time job and have started pursuing my freelance writing career with a team of 8. Guess what! I earn a minimum of 5x more per month than what I earned in my full time job. That's great for me :)

Hats off to Elance :)

Well, I think Elance is very great platform!. Elance has really changed my life!
I earned a lot money from Elance.
I heartily congratulate Elance Team.

Great Elance, way to go!!

I know many people since I know Elance and you are changing my life.



Elance is the best platform among all other out there. Elance changed my life a lot.

I really appreciate what they are doing. Keep it up!!

What a great platform Elance is!

Elance changed the way I live. I got creative freedom.
Thanks to all of you who are working hard to run Elance.

Keep up the good work!

I SWEAR by elance. I have projects every day, and financial security because of it. Not to mention a huge variety of projects and getting to interact globally! I love it, and I tell fellow designers about it all the time!

It is just great how we freelancer can give a change. I really believe that we are the future;)

I've never seen so much positivity in the comments of a blog post! I'd better say something positive or my post will likely get removed...

I love Elance and it has changed my life! God bless Elance and all who sail in her.

I am more thinking in direction that this are genuine positive remarks of the users, being scammed and tricked so many times for their honest work or job offerings on other platforms, this is a safe harbour, dont you think?

Still not hard luck for me but I agreed its great palce to earn and hire

I think that Elance , by simplicity and `fair trade` use is far far ahead of the competitive job portals.
Great job Great insights

Elance is the best freelance platform I've ever used. After I finished my maternity leave 1 year ago, I never thought of going back to the school where I was working as an Educational Assistant. I'm really enjoying working with my daughter beside me as I'm earning 3x more than I was getting from my previous job. To be in Elance is really a blessing. More power! :)

Well, I think Elance is very great platform!.

I really appreciate what they are doing. Keep it up!!

Great - really impressive.
I love elance and always prefer to find many jobs.
I also used - Freelancer , Odesk and others.

I have more than 6 years experience in Freelancing and I love to work as Freelancer.

Thanks Elance team to share this confidential infographics. Its makes me more strong in my skills.

We knows - Skilled person always welcome every where.

Cheers !


Denish Verma
SEO Manager / Project Manager
98% accuracy in SEO - Web Development

Elance to better than any other --------

Elance is a perfect best platform for freelancer.

Elance is helping to make the world a smaller place. It is also promoting goodwill between people of different nationalities through our interaction with each other.

All this, in addition to me personally being able to do the book work for the nicest of clients.

Great !


Elance has changed my life. Seriously. However, I have a quibble about the infographic. The first bar chart shows percenateg increases, but over what time period??? Since its inception or during the same period as for the second chart? Surely this is a typo. *cough*

NO - I can't agree, "Elance has totally changed me life!"
Elance still has a horrid dispute policy forcing contractors into arbitration even AFTER the client has released funds.

For me, it's work, but not great paying work. And the prospecting/bidding is time consuming.