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New Infographic Is Your Manifesto of the Freelancer Revolution. Show the World!

If you’re proud to be a freelancer, and you want to proclaim your independence and share your passion with others, look no further than our bold new infographic:

Inspired by the best-selling book The Rise of the Naked Economy (see article), this eye-catching work of art succinctly sums up what the book so eloquently explains: Freelancers are here to stay. It illustrates why there’s tremendous momentum behind today’s freelance economy, and why freelancers are thrilled to be a part of this revolution.

The poster brings to life the many elements of freelancer’s lives and careers that are being positively impacted. As Ryan Coonerty and Jeremy Neuner’s book explains, this includes advancing people’s careers and increasing their overall happiness. Not to mention making the world a better place.

Share this infographic with others.

Have a few friends and colleagues that this would speak to? We've got you covered. Either share the infographic with friends on Facebook , or drop the following code directly into your blog:

<p><a href='https://www.elance.com/q/blog/new-infographic-your-manifesto-freelancer-revolution-show-world'><img src='https://www.elance.com/q/sites/default/files/page_images/blog/opportunity.png' alt='I Am The Freelance Economy' width='600' border='0' /></a></p>

Feel free to print out a copy for your office (or if you don’t have an office, fold it up in your laptop bag to rally around when you need inspiration). And pass the infographic on to others who now freelance or are thinking about joining the online work revolution. We hope you enjoy!


Good infographic!
Should match with Elance theme.

Freelancing is realy only for self motivated people.

I love this and I agree with Vladimir...if you're not self motivated you can't freelance.

Nice infographic! I will definitely post or share this in my blog so that others would be interested. Thanks for sharing.

Great infographic. Says all.



very Inspiring.