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New! More Great Ways To Grow Your Reputation On Elance.

Edited - June 10, 2013

We’re constantly looking for ways to help great-performing freelancers stand out. Today we’re pleased to announce two upcoming additions to freelancer’s My Stats: New metrics for rewarding consistent delivery of great services, and changes to the existing benchmarking group for freelancers.  

The two new metrics are intended to help differentiate freelancers who consistently deliver high-quality jobs and build long-term, lasting relationships.

Similarly, the enhanced benchmarking will provide more-relevant information to help freelancers understand what other freelancers are doing differently, and how to improve your own rankings. However, My Stats will continue to be visible only to you – although these changes will allow you to grow your Levels rating (and reap the benefits associated with achieving higher Levels).

Here are more details on the up-coming changes:Long term clients graphic

New “Repeat Clients” metric.

This metric awards more points in their Level calculation to those freelancers who have been able to partner with clients for long periods of time. It’s a great indicator of your ability to build relationships and to successfully meet your clients’ changing needs. 

Service delivery graphicNew “Earnings Percentage” metric.

This metric rewards freelancers who consistently complete awarded jobs.   A successfully completed job is defined by two factors:  1. Did you complete the job and get your expected payments (or more)? and 2. Has the job gone well?  When these conditions are successfully met, it lays the foundation for the type of consistent job delivery that differentiates high-performing accounts.  Freelancers who achieve higher than average Earnings Percentage rates will accelerate growth in their Level.

Enhanced Benchmarking.Freelance level graphic

To provide freelancers with more visibility, we’re changing the benchmarking group you’re in to include only the freelancers with similar Levels and Categories. This will give you an opportunity to review what some of your peers are focused on as you grow your own reputation on Elance. 

When is this all happening?

Changes to your benchmarking group are already happening for Elancers.  As mentioned, only you will be able to see this information since it will only be in your My Stats page.

The two new metrics, and some other smaller changes to My Stats, will be rolled out soon. Don’t worry, we’ll come back here to update you when this change goes live. In the meantime we want you to be aware of what’s coming, so you can begin thinking about how best to take advantage of these new ways to grow your reputation on Elance.

Tell us what you think.

Drop by the Elance Water Cooler to discuss these changes, as we’re always interested to hear what fellow Elancers have to say. To learn more about these additions, check out the Release Notes as well as our Help section (where you’ll find more information in the My Stats and Levels Help articles.



This reputation is helpful to award new jobs.
I appreciate on your contribution.

hi there...i'm new with elance and is having a hard time getting jobs...can you help me with some tips probably....thanks...


You can read Elance blogs.

I will just say Elance is Great; in all it's features, useability and interfaces.

Thumbs UP!

Agree. The oDesk website is terrible to navigate and there's no escrow. And unless you work hourly jobs, you're not eligible for many of the postings that require a certain amount of hours. They don't count fixed rate jobs as jobs in their metrics. And if you work hourly, they've got apps for counting keystrokes and taking screenshots. They make a contractor feel like a child, who can't be trusted. The clients who come on oDesk, and here too sometimes, and b and c about unprofessional contractors, or no plagiarizing in all caps, are patronizing. If you need to mention it, it means you don't know how to hire a professional. Thanks for letting me vent.

In response of :

And if you work hourly, they've got apps for counting keystrokes and taking screenshots.

When you work on hourly jobs in elance, you need "Tracker" desktop software, which takes screenshots automatically and I believe that it is a very important feature in both Elance and oDesk websites because let the client should know why he is paying to contractor. In real world, there are many kinds of contractors, some are loyal and sincere and some are FRAUD!!!

But I would like to talk about only Elance here who is Pioneer in outsourcing jobs remotely but still they need some improvements to attract both client and contractor.

Yes; your point is valid too that it is require to monitor the contractor; for which he/she is charging the client. But the points mentioned by "Craftywriter" are also true about the Odesk; and there are many jobs for which one is not eligible to apply due to certain unwanted regulations.
So as a conclusion I will say that monitoring is required but Elance is the Best of all!

Yes; your point is valid too that it is require to monitor the contractor; for which he/she is charging the client. But the points mentioned by "Craftywriter" are also true about the Odesk; and there are many jobs for which one is not eligible to apply due to certain unwanted regulations.
So as a conclusion I will say that monitoring is required but Elance is the Best of all!

True, but an app that counts keystrokes only proves that one is stroking keys, not that they are working diligently on a clients project. I could do minimal stoking and deliver a well crafted piece of literature in two hours, someone else could be stroking continuously and deliver a substandard document in four hours. A key stroker app does nothing to address that imbalance between potential outcomes.

The end products should be evidence enough that the provider is not a fraud.

Keep up the high quality platform, very glad you are not doing anything like the other cheap freelancing websites where all they care is making money for themselves

Elance is the best freelancing site I have joined. Thanks for always updating with new features.

All changes are balanced. Thanks you very Elance Development Team.

good work, keep up

As a very large company, we think that the new ways to grow up reputation in Elance is great.
Long-Term metrics it's very useful to rank long term relationship as well as Earning Rate will allow better rank for those contractors who has high average earnings instead of the current system which mix all the earning average.
Also the new Benchmarking method it's a great idea.
Congratulations and thank for keep improving this great system.
We are very happy working in Elance
TBS/ The Brand Store Publicidad Ltda.

A wonderful idea by a wonderful team. This is the reason Elance always rocks!!!!! Elance always take care of the providers and provide effective facts to the buyer which is really helpful.

This is a great effort by Elance Team !!
We really appriciate it !!

The greater the challenge, the greater the motivation! Can't wait to see how these changes actually apply!

I'm a little concerned about the hiding of client usernames. I frequently check a client's profile to see if they are someone I want to work with. For example, if it's a client who delays payment or leaves poor ratings for no reasons, I want to know that before I even submit a bid. I am trying to limit the "nightmare jobs" I take on and being able to see what other writers have had to say is important. My question is, with the hiding of client usernames, will I still be able to see their work history? I would like to know when others have had positive or negative experiences.

I agree with you Ann. What's the big deal about having usernames attached? This morning I submitted a bid with no username. I just called them by the city they listed. Or I guess it's Dear Client. I would hope they'd keep work history and feedback. Contractors need protection too.

Yes you are right. I agree with you.

I completely agree and had the same thoughts. I always review a client's previous jobs and feedback they received, just like they do us. I hope this feature doesn't go away.

Elance is great in so many ways for contractors, but after reading about, not being able to see client name and work history I am unhappy. I feel disconnected, which is not healthy for virtual work environment, where trust and relationship building is based on work output and communication. I hope this decision is reversed, for making 2013 a more prosperous year for Elance and of course contractors.

I strongly agree. I review the history of clients before bidding. The client can review my whole profile prior to contacting me. Therefore, I do not understand why I could not review theirs prior to bidding. It is a very poor change for the contractors and will make us eventually have to cancel jobs because of having entered in poor situations that we could not have checked prior to bidding. In addition, not completing all the jobs we accept is a new metrics as part of our statistics. Therefore, we will be penalized twice.

Hi, I was also thinking this. They should not hide Job posters previous job awards history. I also always look into the job posters previous history to like they see ours before awarding the job. Will Elance try to hide contractors previous job history for privacy reasons ? NEVER. Then why hiding employers or Job poster's previous history ? these both factors are equal.

With this change contractors will not know how previous contractors have given feedback to this job poster while job-poster will have advantage by looking our feedback. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT FAIR

I share the same concern and sentiment. Contractors also have the equal right for the sufficient information related to client integrity, reliability and jobs history prior making initiating commitments and proposals.

I hope Elance team would reconsider on this new feature.

On the other hand, I highly welcome the Stats changes in its metrics. Thanks

Agreed. Being able to review the client's previous history is important to choosing which jobs to bid on as well. Though there are often clues to what type of person a client is within the job description itself, it is very useful to check out their Elance history. Some clients are excellent to work for, providing challenging work and expecting quality but maintaining a professional manner of dealing with people. A few, unfortunately, are simply impossible to please, and this shows through in their history.

To expect us to bid "blind" relative to client's professionalism in their dealings with other contractors is a fairly major flaw to introduce into a system based until now on some measure of mutual awareness at the time of initial contact. Now we contractors are expected to go into every first transaction blind?

This is definitely a wrong-footed move, unless we are seriously misinterpreting it.

I do that to! Been burn and few times and had to cancel jobs due to clients adding more to the scope

Anne I completely agree with you. I have created 3 sites in the past 3 months that went unpaid. Another paid 2 months after the site was completed. (and only after I took his site down). Now I don't work without escrow funding but overall I would like a better understanding of who I am choosing to work with.

Yes Anne, you are absolutely correct. Contractors also need protection... But I think contractor can see feedback history of client because if it will hide then there is no mean of both parties feedback technically. Am I right?

Yes, this is a good point which I take even a step further. I find it unreasonable for a client to expect a contractor to quote a project, often on a terse description, only to find out later that the client may not have all the facts and understanding of the project. Any number of oversights, can impact profit margins greatly. Also, many clients use budgets much lower than what is really needed. In most situations, I attempt to speak (on the phone or in person) with a client in detail, prior to a bid or estimate. I thought it was great when Elance added the check box for submitting the estimate later; however, it seems these new metrics may penalize the contractor for not including an estimate/budget up front Am I correct in this understanding?

Incredibly interesting point! +1

I agree with you. Being aware of a client's reputation is an important part of freelancing work. If a contractor has had a bad experience, I would be careful working with the client in question.

I couldn't agree more.

I have a very similar concern.

I got a message from an employer today, interested in discussing a job I had applied to. When I checked his profile I saw he had no company or personal name, no picture or logo, not even the country where he is based on. All fields were 'not available'. This, despite he had been working with Elance since 2003.

In an email answering my complaint, Elance explained this was due to a new Client privacy policy that allowed employers not to reveal themselves in any way. Elance wrote: "We saw instances of abuse with legitimate clients getting spammed and taken off platform where they lose Elance’s protections and features, often leading to bad experiences. This prevents Clients from coming back to post additional jobs on Elance. We want to keep bringing their business back to the site so that you (Freelancers) can win more business. By adding to their privacy at this stage, we expect to increase Client’s confidence in the platform."

I got back to them saying that I understood the business reasons for Elance’s new Client privacy release.

However, an agreement that only considers the privacy rights of employers, ignoring freelancers', is biased.

For professionals, having to work with faceless clients is like working in a jungle.

What makes clients trust Elance is not anonymity, but the possibility of hiring qualified professionals that will help them solve their project, at a fair price.

I reminded them that freelancers also bring business to Elance, by referring the platform to their network.

When the relation between parts is uneven, freelancers’ confidence in the platform is also tested.

I hope Elance will review this policy.

Cool, thanks for the new stats! :o)

One word Awesome!!!

Agree with everything except cancellations. Most times jobs are cancelled because of the clients not the contractors. Many cancel sometimes after guiding them in the right direction they decide to complete in-house among a host of other non-contractor related reasons.

That's right.

Agreed again. I've had cancellations due to "oh, we decided to do it in-house", or alternatively because they originally wanted it in 5 days, changed their mind to 1 day, then became enraged when I was unable to complete 5 days of work in a single day, since we had originally contracted for longer.

Cancellations CAN be the contractor's fault, but they can also be casually handed out by clients totally oblivious to the consequences. And now we'll actually be penalized for their decisions?

That is true! And what about the situation in which you agree something with the client and later he/she decides to add more work to that project for the same money, otherwise the job will not appear as complete...

I have had this type of experience. Instead of 1 project he forced me to agree for 6 project at the same price. After completion of 3 project I just told them that I'm extremely sorry. I'm sick & can't continue within 3 month. Anyway they paid just 1/3 of the contract. FYI that client was south african.

I agree with annelaura04. I do understand that we may be able to see a client's history, but there are some employers on Elance who post jobs in my field that lead to what she called "nightmare jobs." If I cannot see the name of the client, I may not bid on a job. In fact, I think that your whole system protects employers at the expense of freelancers in too many ways. It is now at the point where I am reluctant to bid on jobs unless I know the employer. What about the freelancers' privacy? I have had people track me down because they can see my name and where I live, and go around your system to reach me. I would really appreciate a number of changes designed to protect your freelancers. I would be happy to provide more details if anyone is interested. I want someone to know that I am less and less inclined to use this site to try and get new business because everything is skewed to help the employers, like allowing them to decide whether or not to recommend a freelancer in secret, without giving us the same opportunity.

I agree with you.

Metrics are really useful for clients as well as providers.
Average earning verses average of mix of all earnings, a better system than previous. I like it.
As Elance consistently improving itself, helping us to improve as well. Keeping eyes over improved benchmarking can keep us improving...I think its a good analytical tool for us.
No other freelancing sites can compete Elance. I'm happy, I'm working on Elance.

Keep up good works!


The new metrics look great, but I have some questions about hiding client names. Does it go both ways? It looks like I can't see names of clients whose jobs I've applied to, do they also not see the usernames of contractors that have applied? If they still see our usernames, but we don't see theirs, it's an uneven distribution of privacy/disclosure. It is difficult to enter into negotiations with completely anonymous parties. The username served as an identifier that made that easier to process. They can usually see contractors' pictures, but we have nothing. Could they at least get assigned a number? Also, will we still be able to add clients to a watch list? I like the option to save a client if I see a her consistently posting interesting jobs, but I don't want to apply to the particular job they have out right at the moment.

Agree. Glad you brought up privacy/disclosure aspect..

I do agree with what you said specially about uneven distribution of privacy/disclosure.

The client can see our names/usernames! Our usernames are part of the profile URL we have here on Elance, so they can definitely see it! And they can see our picture as well, they can search for our name over the internet..etc. BUT WE CANNOT DO THIS, because we cannot see any name in there! We are now only able to see the client's country, if he has a verified credit card and that's about it! I agree with Zvoden here who says is not fair! You so right it's not fair! Please ELANCE, take into consideration to change it back, so we can see with whom we are talking when bidding! I don't like writing "dear sir" instead of "dear -client name-". That is so impersonal!

One thing I forget about hiding username of clients. I agree with annelaura04 and Dock and zvoden. Actually I maintain list of those clients I don't want to work with and reasons can be delay of payment, less communication, unjustified ratings and even cheating. I don't want to get nightmare jobs. Checking clients with their usernames is probably the most significant way to protect us from fraudulence. I also have had people who track me down because they can see my name. And I don't want to work with them again. What about the freelancers' privacy? We want same opportunity.