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The New My Jobs Page is Here. Test it Out!

If you’re like 90% of our users, you use the “My Jobs” page as your Elance homepage. Based on your feedback, we have simplified this page while making it more powerful and customizable – so you can work more efficiently and in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Here is what you’ll find on the new My Jobs page:

Act on a job directly from My Jobs
We’ve taken some clicks out of the equation. With this new interface, you can send messages, view key job information and perform other important actions such as editing terms & milestones directly from the My Jobs page.

Navigating made easier
Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. In the new look, we have extended the toolbar and anchored it to the top of the page. This means no more scrolling to find features such as filtering your jobs list, searching through your jobs or accessing some of the new actions that we’re adding to the toolbar (read below).

Customize your look
If this is your homepage, we want you to be comfortable here. You’ve always had the ability to change the default My Jobs to show only certain jobs. Now you have the ability to customize it even further. Click the new page settings icon () in the toolbar to make changes to your look. We’ll be adding more options down the road so you can make the My Jobs page perfect for your needs.

Take action on multiple jobs
You’re busy and sometimes you need to act and organize things quickly. We’ve added a bulk action option to archive multiple jobs at once. Take advantage of this to clean up your My Jobs. More options will be coming soon.

Enjoy a friendlier site
We know that relationships on Elance are key to job success, so we have brought some personality to this page. In the new My Jobs view, you see a thumbnail picture of the client or contractor or job status (in case you’re not working yet) linked to your jobs. Though, if you’d prefer to see more jobs on the page, you’ll have the ability in the near future to switch to a compact view without photos.

Try out the new My Jobs and tell us what you think! We’ve included a link to a short 5 question survey from the new My Jobs so you can share your feedback. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding more functionality, so stay tuned. The My Jobs page will be more than My Jobs – it will be your Elance home. Stay on the lookout for more!



I'm using the new My Jobs look since yesterday and I really liked it.
Thanks for the improvements! :-)

Great, thanks for the feedback! Glad you like the new format!

You guys really doing awesome jobs..

Would u pls add search on workroom filter?

invited tab?

Its really wonderful. Still I have three feedback

1. We need to always remember the exact name phase to search in the "My jobs". Can you implement the like search in "My jobs section" so that it becomes easy to find the project.
2. There is no way in "My jobs" to see that weather the milestone has been funded or not. You have included almost everything there so we need not to switch to the PMB view until we need to edit the terms. But it would be great if we can see that the milestone has been funded or not in the "My jobs" view
3. Can you provide a way to see all unread messages in the "Inbox". Right now it shows the no of unread message but there is no way to see all unread messages at one place.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass your comments on to the team!

Thank you. Will try it. Will let you know. Anything that saves time on EL I am interested in.

hi i need to know how elance works and perfer the job to the contractor who joins towards to it.
How the payment and jobs need to upload towards the elance.
Exactly elance where it was suitated and where it was working.

hi. all you need to do is to go to elance university. Better stil you can find your needed information on youtube.com.

It's always good to have a better change.

I started using the new my job's page before it launched, and it was easy to adjust to it. I never went back to the old.

Thanks Elancers!

Thank you. Will try it and let you know.

Its look nice

nice changes


much better then before....

Please provide an option to use the old page - that should tell you what I think of forced changes.

Hi LeeAlison, if there is something specific you preferred on the old My Jobs page, please let me know. We definitely would like to hear everyone's feedback. Thanks.

This is great - one thing that would be very helpful would be to have the proper timezone displayed depending on which workroom you are in and where that provider is. We work with a number of providers, each in different locations around the world, and it would be great to have their time displayed when we entered that jobs workroom.

Also regarding timezones, the default should be our location, not the default Elance ET time...

Thanks for the feedback Utility_Dev! I'll share your comments with the team.

I'm using the new My Jobs look since yesterday and I really liked it.
Thanks f

looking nice my new profile.

It is very encouraging and better change. I have just started working on this new Job's Page. I assume
this page will be far much easy and useful
Ayesha Javed

Will definitely try...

i need elance help to make me as a good service man. i most like this site and want to everything about it..


It's very nice change, really elance team working hard and smart. Once again thanks for my new jobs.

It is a better improvement and look forward to using it.

looking nice

looking nice

lloking nice

Much Better!

pls how do you go about it? really i am new on elance

quick and fast information thank you

so easy to use now.

dear mam plz learn me about this site how can operate this plz rply on my id urs_frnd_raj@yahoo.co.in

how much you pay me for this job

i Like this job

Thanks for new Look,

But we need update track update.

Thanks for new look.
i want updation



Thank you!

Sounds good.Hope to go through new experience and comfort.

Hey, that's a great change and really helpful. Very much user friendly and easy to find our data.
Thank you for the help, team elance.

this way help all elance user . thanks elance teem.

I reviewed full of Elance working system. Elance is one of the guider people who need their good lifestyle improvement and promote their skill in time bound period.
Thanks all Elance team...

very good design, and very good plateform

Thanks Elance......

hi thanks for inform

No doubt, its looking real good. Excellent job Elance!

Very nice information :D