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New Online Employment Report: STEM Workforce Is Blossoming Like A Rose.

There’s amazing growth on the STEM.

Of course, we’re talking about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skill sets (or STEM, as it’s affectionately known in the workforce).

And this dramatic growth is duly reflected in Elance’s latest Global Online Employment Report. The results show that freelancers with critical STEM-based skills have increased on Elance 153% from this time last year. Similarly, our clients are asking for more-and-more STEM-skilled workers. Posting were up 258% for Windows Azure jobs, 97% for iOS jobs, 71% for Android jobs and 38% for Amazon Web Services, to highlight a few.

But then again the report reveals growth in many areas, as the network of Elance online professionals is up 52% from last year, and hiring on Elance increased 60% in Q1 2013.

Jobs are getting filled increasing faster online too.

Another interesting find in the latest Global Online Employment Report is the rate at which jobs are being filled on Elance. While traditional jobs remain vacant for an average of 23 days (according to the Labor Department), the average time-to-hire on Elance is now a mere 3.3 days.

Emerging skills are on the up-swing as well.

Not to steal the thunder from the report itself (which you can read here), but it’s interesting to note how we’re seeing big growth in budding skills. The demand for Bitcoin skills is up 433% and 3D printing has grown 206% from last year. If these trends continue, it won’t be long until Elance is the go-to place for Google Glass skills as well.

Browse the report yourself to learn even more – from the rise in online administrative assistants and video production experts to southern Europe’s exodus to Elance.


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