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New Report Shows U.S. Tech Workers Are Finding More Jobs Online

A new report released last week shows that businesses around the globe are increasingly going online to hire skilled technology and engineering professionals.

The monthly report tracks hiring, as well as skill and wage data, for American freelancers. What stood out in February’s numbers was the fact that businesses are hiring U.S.-based technology experts at record pace on Elance. In fact, IT and Programming continues to be Elance’s highest-growing job category in the U.S. (accounting for 51% of total hires in the month). Compared to February of last year, there were twice as many engineering hires and 130% more paid to engineering freelancers from America.

One can infer from these numbers that businesses worldwide are looking to accelerate growth quickly, and for the best results they turn to highly-skilled U.S. freelancers who command higher wages and deliver quality work.

We regularly publish real-time wage, location and skills data in the Trends section of our website. Our goal is to publish data and reports that help create a truly transparent workplace for freelancers and the businesses that hire them.

Check out a recap of the report, or view the full report here.



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