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New Year, New Tips For Success On Elance.

The clock’s winding down on 2012 (or perhaps it has turned the corner where you live?) and once again it’s time to make those annual New Year’s resolutions. If you’re browsing this blog with any regularity, chances are the following resolution is at the top of your list:

Resolution #1:  Earn more money and advance the career.

Yes, work goals are usually above getting in shape, eliminating stress and volunteering to help others for Elancers (although they’re all worthy goals too). To help you get off to a great start in 2013, especially if you’re new to the platform, here are a few random resolutions to consider. Naturally, making your Elance Profile shine and writing great proposals are critical too – but these are less obvious goals:

Resolution #2:  Strike while the iron is hot.

Be among the first to submit the job proposal. Many clients are super busy and in a hurry to get the job rolling. With no time to spare browsing through proposals, they’re apt to choose among the first to catch their eye. Make sure it’s you they see.2013 Resolutions

Resolution #3:  Screen clients carefully.

That being said, don’t pull the trigger and use-up your valuable Connects for the first job that looks promising. While there’s no sure-fire method of determine a client’s quality, get an idea by hovering your mouse over the client’s name. See if they have a verified method of payment, percentage of jobs awarded and more. Go deeper to see their history for awarding feedback and other important factors.

Resolution #4:  Be friendly and build online relationships.

Clients love working with friends. Make sure you’re always building great online relationships that help you be successful. When corresponding be conversational and show interest in the client. Wish them a good weekend and let them know you’re taking a hike on Sunday. By bringing the human element to the table, you’ll have a major advantage over other freelancers only interested in cashing checks.

Resolution #5:  Don’t try to be all things to all people.

Specialization is key to success in most areas of life, and Elance is no different. If, for example, you have specific expertise in medical writing, take advantage of your proficiency and gravitate towards jobs in that specific area. Don’t try to sell yourself as a general writer for everything from technology to children’s literature. Be THE authority. This will allow you to stand out. After you’ve achieved success in one space, you can branch out to other areas. But throwing out too wide of a net too early can dilute your uniqueness.

Resolution #6:  Never sell yourself short.

As a skilled specialists (see above), you deserve to charge a fair price for your know-how. There will always be people bidding lower, but it’s important to decide what you’re worth and stick to it. Explain in your proposals why you’re slightly higher priced, and why you’re more than worth it. Talent trumps price for clients truly interested in doing quality work.

Resolution #7:  Learn to upsell.

When you finish jobs, suggest other areas of work you can do for the client. Often they’re too busy to consider all of the variables that may emerge in the days to come. By being proactive you can not only earn more revenue but become a trusted partner that clients will come to again and again.

Whew, that’s enough for today. Naturally, they’re just the tip of the resolution iceberg. But as you start achieving some of these goals, more-and-more you’ll begin to discover other similar areas that will also allow you to standout and get hired. So start finding more work for the year ahead, and cross #1 off your list for 2013.


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Its awesome, i know it really work. Thanks for the tips.

Its awesome, i know it really work. Thanks for the tips.

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